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yes she,

Wild like the winds
unsteady like the waves.
She is fearless.

She knows,
where to bloom
how to bloom again.

You may call her selfish
but, yes ,
she cares less about
what you want, and,
more about,
what she wants.

Flowing like the water
and drowning everything that comes her way,
she knows to make the way
all lone and gallant.

She ,
yes she
She is fearless.

She’s busy chasing her dreams,
like the way
you are busy chasing people

She’s busy struggling her biggest battles,
and all those silent wars
running deep within
her chests.

She’s busy finding courage,
to walk away
from everything
that affects her mental health.

She’s busy loving herself,
which she always should have done
from the very beginning.

She’s busy letting go off people,
who have hurt her.

She’s busy not trying to repaint those shitty people,
when they show their true colours.

She’s busy not repeating,
Every mistake she ever made.

yes she,

Published by akshita bansal

doing a thing of what I want🌸🌸

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