Dear job applicant,

We regret to inform you that we have selected another candidate with more experience.

Thank you for taking hours to personalize your resume and cover letter, filling out our long online form, and prep for 4 interviews over about a 6 weeks.

Due to our outdated hiring process, we are unable to pick up your phone or send you any sort of real feedback to actually help you in your job search.



….to those of you getting rejection after rejection email, you are being redirected towards something better. This is never an end, but actually the beginning of something very new, something which can actually feed you better, something you’ll find much sensible to you and your future ahead.
So remember,
Maybe that was actually…
Never a loss, always a lesson.

credits: Shanee moret.., this has captured the feeling so well.

Many of us keep taking it as a loss, as if their life ends here. A bunch of rejected emails become the cause of their rejection to do anything in life. I know this is hard and actually very much when you are not expecting, as when we are actually expecting, our expectations do increase a lot, we start expecting much more than ever it could ever be💁‍♀️..come on..whenever something strikes your mind.. do ask that even needed?

And if …
Even the slightest of the deep cores of your heart ever whisper a ‘no’…then it’s time to stop being stupid about all those rejections…when you have a lot more to go through, maybe a lot good.
Maybe it was not meant to be..why to worry about a goddamn rejection? was just a rejection…!

You are in whole a “magic”.Have you ever thought what could have been a ‘success’ without failing a hell dozen times. The only thing which we should always remember is that rejections, failures, and setbacks are all a part of life. No opportunity’s end means a “NO” to living life.

Never a loss, always a great lesson which each closing door gives us. Start accepting things the way they are, I’m sure they gonna treat you right, and nothings gonna be wrong.

Have hope.


22 thoughts on “NEVER A LOSS, ALWAYS A LESSON.

    1. Ikr…people out there just see us as merely a resource in a person, which ” can be” used in the future, but not at the present.
      Lol, and they morons rarely realize what they are putting at a stake to, each rejection brings a great decline in self confidence I agree..
      But, the least we can do to ourselves, is not let it affect us..!
      After all, we are all warriors..!💙

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    1. Thanks a lot..! 😊
      And yes, it is never our failure, but hardly few people are able to understand this, sadly…!
      This failed system, tends to inculcate in them a sense of fear to apply anywhere the next time..the so called self confidence goes in vain….🤐
      I hope the people out there applying, get this as soon as possible..!

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  1. I agree that we can use the process to better ourselves, but as you point out, so few employers actually provide feedback and that makes it hard to learn and develop. The process definitely needs reform and modernising 😊

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    1. Yeah…whatever be the case, we should not at all just rely on that one feedback or letter..after all there are plenty of fishes in the ocean, go choose any..! 🙂
      That is so inspiring…thanks a lot cindy..!😊

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    1. And that is so sad to know.
      Some people do leave speechless, their acts and their ways of thinking. I just feel so pity to even see the people getting so much affected with a single rejection.

      You won’t believe, maybe I came up with this was because of my friend, it was his first day after college going to attend an interview, can you imagine being rejected for the freshers interview? I mean that was his very first interview…! And that perosn, went home and just ended his life. He left a letter stating I’m not good enough to be given a job, I dont think I can make upto it. Can you feel that?
      This is the maximum a person’s morale could go down, and that makes me feel so sad and traumatised..!

      May he attain as much courage and strength as could be. I pray for his best.

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