Last night
i had a dream,
a dream
quite unusual to say
a dream,
kooky enough
to give me a sleep twitch.
I still remember that dream,
where I was caged,
a bird caged
by her demons .
Like I was trapped.

Everything was pitch black,
leaving me to discover
dozens of fallen Angels
following my back.
Me, running and running
maybe, escaping from my demons
as if
someone was giving me the summons
to not get suffocated
by those demons.

Those amateurs,
The light, my light,
were continuously yelling
“May the sky always remind you
how far you can reach.
No matter how much trapped you are
you will find a way
Remember who you already are
a warrior, a survivor.
You have to grow,
dont let those demons make you
wage a war against you.
Unless you dont want
to be saved from your demons,
you can’t save yourself.
Reanalyze everything
you have to bloom again.
You are your light
I am not…!
A deja vu, it is,
It will happen again.”

And boom,
there goes my amateurs
like a glitch in the matrix.
It was then I realised,
i am my light
no one else.
And ,
the very next moment,
I could reevaluate anything,
I was there,
lying on my bed
everything vanishing
in just a glance of time.

Little did I realise,
trapped is just what we feel
birds caged, trapped;
by their demons
until only
we let them
confine us.

Published by akshita bansal

doing a thing of what I want🌸🌸

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