Sitting in the back porch,
with my grandma,
she, oiling my long curls
me, gaping at the sky;
i asked her,
grandma, does this sky has any end?
Is it limitless?
Or nameless?

Chuckling about
in her croaky voice,
she whispered
my dear girl,
never look upon anything in your life
as if, it has limitations.
Yes, these blues you see
are beyond limits,
and so are you too
measureless and countless.
Nothing has limits
unless we,
set some to them.
May this blue azure
always remember you,
the infinities out there,
and plentitude of new opportunities
lying at the shores
waiting for you to approach.
Just, you need to adjust your crown,
and hold your head high.
Cause, you are meant to grow
beyond your restraints.
Keep walking,
as just like the sky,
even your path is limitless.
and, you know what,
some flowers
take time to bloom,
but, they eventually do.

Yes, these blues you see
are beyond limits,
and so are you too
measurelsss and countless..!


Published by akshita bansal

doing a thing of what I want🌸🌸

28 thoughts on “LIMITLESS IS THE SKY.

  1. Truly spoken words of truth, as limitless is the sky so is our potential once we unredtrain it – and also such unrestrained is a grandma’s worldly wisdom and experience. Very well written Akshita!

    Liked by 2 people

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