Maybe, we aren’t afraid of heights, we just fear of falling. We aren’t afraid of love, we just fear of getting a heartbreak after investing so many fruitful years of our lives, we are afraid of being heartbroken , of that anguish, of that feeling, feeling of being alone. We aren’t afraid to be intimate with someone , we fear the after-effects of it, which can be even toxic to our lives, we are afraid that if we show ourselves to the world, it wont like it. That once we are open, we may be left. We aren’t afraid of flying, what we are afraid of is that once we start flying, we’ll not have control if something goes wrong, we’re afraid of dying.

Why do we carry so much fear in us?
Fear of losing ourselves just without giving it a try?
Why do you feel so hopeless when all hope is your way, just you are not able to see it..and have caged it inside the four firm walls of your mind?

Just Remember, everything you are going thorugh, will ease. It may not go from your mind but the pain you are feeling, will definitely get easier to handle as the time goes by. It will take time, but you will eventually heal. Everything is temporary and life has a funny way of paving ways for the sunlight. If you remember the last time you laughed so much you cried or felt completely content and warm, you will feel that way again. Please keep trying to take care of yourself because “self destruction” is a tough habit to break and you will know why recovery is so freeing once you get there. Life is more than punishing yourself and having the same patterns repeat. Its okey to lean on others for support and admit that you need help because the voices in your head are just lies.

You will be okay, you will be happy again and, I believe in you.

I hope, you risk. I hope, you fall so that you can yourself see the jump you took wasnt as grand as you thought it be. I wish the ground to hit your feet and see your smile and tears when you discover the space that was there all along.
I hope, you love. Love, so hard, that you may grieve for years and I’m not saying this because you’re weak or soft, but , to cheer up because you opened your heart with ferocious might, only some can do this, believe me; and once the salt of those tears have run from your blood, I wish you to exhale all the bad vibes and fall into the heart of someone new with all your might again. Trust me, this is a great feeling too, of falling.

Risk, overcome and get up again.
You will be okay, you will be happy again, and I believe in you.


Published by akshita bansal

doing a thing of what I want🌸🌸

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