Today, let’s choose to bloom for ourselves, let’s focus on our energy, let’s make sure we are going in the right direction, lets make ourselves a priority and, most importantly, let’s take care of our hearts..!

IS THAT TOO MUCH A THING TO ASK FOR? I guess not at all…!Okey so, if we ask ourselves, WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME WE ACTUALLY DID THAT, hardly anyone of us will get a near answer..right?😅
It’s not that hard or time consuming, believe me..!Once you start focusing on yourself, your mental health, everything will seem less important, infact not at all important to you…!
You don’t have to, you dont need to make your heart a warzone for love, for someone else to love you, rather than you yourself. You dont have to let yourself judged by any stranger, you dont have to belittle yourself just because of one goddamn rejection. I know some days may feel like you are battling a warzone, and that’s okay, it’s just a fight..! IT TOO SHALL SURPASS..!

I remember having a convo with one of my clients the other day, he sounded quite depressed and so belittled to the very fact that he lost a job. I know that’s hard to cope up with..! But, does loosing one make you the weakest and useless of all the people there in the world?
Coming back to this, his CEO called up and told him that he was no longer needed in the company. For one instance, no one would get how to react to this, and so was he, clueless and dull, reactionless enough to not get a reply to that. What should we say in a situation like this, ‘thank you!’ Or something like, ‘ its okay,I understand’ ???? But, neither was he thankful, nor okay or understanding..! And so are we, right? How can anyone be, to a job they’ve payed their precious years for, just for this day?? He was feeling quite outraged and upset, was kinda feeling sorry for his countless plans and strategies which he had spent days working on, for the hours he spent forsaking food and water..just to get things on time. He felt sorry for the passion with which he spoke about at his workplace(though it was virtual) and, the work that he was doing. And, he was feeling so disappointed knowing that he was so disposable enough to be left out like this?
That, despite everything, one could tell us that we are no longer needed, and that, that is it…!
Suddenly, feeling like that the company or the job or whatever we were doing, starts looking like the ex who left us at the altar…LMAO!😅😅. Same blue eyes, uncertainty in principles and abandonment..! And so, looking for the patterns, similarities, and trust me, there’s even more.
But, the bottom line is that we dont know what to do next or what comes next. How to walk down that aisle alone, again. You keep wondering, why was I not enough..? What made people to push me at a point to start everything all over again? What made people, to most importantly, not even believe in me, my skills?

Things that are meant for you, will come to you, no matter how hard you try to push them away and, things that aren’t meant for you wont ever come to you, no matter how hard you try to chase them. And, remember, by saying this, I really not mean that you keep on relying on your fate, sitting crossed legs without even trying. Dont be a fool, chase the good…be it between the pages of a young adult fiction or in between the lines of your palms.
We need to understand that some things are really not meant for us, and, in the process of chasing them, we forget to look back at all the lessons that we’ve learned all along.

So, this is something, I really felt like sharing with everyone reading this, or maybe experiencing anything like this in their lives…

1. It’s not you, its them. Yes, that’s true. Accept that and move on.
2. There is nothing you could have done more or differently, what is meant to be will be, and what is not, will not. So, stop blaming yourself for every rejection.
3. There is plenty of fish in the ocean. There are thousands of opportunities out there, places that will value your input, so dont be stuck up on that one uncaring salmon. Dont remain fixed just to one.
4. Start ups, jobs, or anything you are doing or have invested into, come and go; but, you know what the difference is, you are here, and will always be..right? So, stay, fight, slay..!
5. Last, stand up for yourself and call out when people are being unfair. It might not change anything but would make you feel better for sure.




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154 thoughts on “REJECTIONS..

      1. Smiley express better than words at time. Thank you for all the interactions. The post is well expressed this makes one to speak up too. Also one who understand rejections will fight for the survival and forward the same in to success.

        In the beginning days of my work many times many places i get rejected but i fought for my existence and that made me strong. This can be many peoples experience too. Now i am in to research in very depth on couple of important things we learnt to take every rejection as our one step forward to success. All depends how one can mentally prepare for the first step and next step. Keep writing and it opens a different world of thoughts that lead to further innovative future plans. Cheers . Stay connected and remain smiling. 🌿⚘

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      2. Yeasss, very well said..!🤗❤

        I’m so pleased to hear from you, you fought the worse, and didn’t let yourself down..!🙂
        Very few people can do that, and I’m so glad you could do that for you…!💕💕
        All the best for your research works and may god give you strengths and courage to fight the worse..!

        Exactly, it really depends on how we depend ourselves from the first to our very last step..!🙂
        Stay happy stay safe stay inspired…!🤗❤❤❤❤



      3. Thank you for writing back. Its an art to convert failures and rejections to fame or success. This is how i lead my team forward by tuning the mind segment always move sportively and positively.
        Life moves on irrespective of the hurdles. Cheers. ⚘🙋‍♂️💯

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      4. Yeass, exactly…!🙌🏻

        I’m glad to know this, and sending all the courage and good wishes to whatever you pursue in your life..!
        Life will move on, and continue to; it has no time for the sobbers…! And why should we even, when every second comes out with a hell lot of dozen opportunities?😊😊
        It’s just the matter of perspective, and I’m so glad you are working towards that..!🤗🤗

        Feel so grateful to have you here..! And more importantly, for you to share your experiences with me..! Very few people can actually do that..and I really appreciate you for this..!

        Keep growing, going and glowing like this always and forever..!🤗🤗💕💕💕💕

        Sending you all strength and courage and lots of hugs your way🙂❤❤


      5. Thank you. Appreciate your thinking wave length , This bring me back the memory of my dad teaching me the steps of analysing and executing with smile when i was still in school days. I am glad to read such a open comments always. Very rarely even close friends or mentors share such a mutual thoughts with friendly wavelength. Its our days to prove our worthiness and return back to universe. Day before we hit one milestone of recognition that brings me back the Smile. Confidence to be re build on regularly and only comfort we can only give to our own . Like i am the best friend to myself and i speak to my self on my next step. This will takes me further and bring strength to lead the team and always.

        So promising to read your comment and it reassure me again my friends here are really my asset . Sending you my respects from far and wish you Smile.

        Stay connected and visit my web page again too.

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      6. Awww, that’s lovely..!

        I appreciate your so kind words and your way of perspection too..!
        I’m glad my words could take you back to your school days, the teachings of your dad, I’m sure, mine can never replace theirs, but I’m glad to make you think about that again..!😊💕💕

        You are such a great inspiration in yourself..! Everyone is, the minimum we can do, is, to believe in the lights of our inspiration..!🤗

        Wish you all luck your way, and, I feel really happy to read open thoughts, people who can openly say what they feel, this is a very good habit😊🤗🤗

        I would love to be in contact with you, even I’m so highly obliged to meet you here..!
        You too stay connected always..! And, keep sharing your thoughts like this always..!🤗🤗💕


      7. Your most welcome, and it was a pleasure having such a conversation with you..!😊

        Looking forward to reading from you more too..! 🤗❤❤❤


      8. Yes, I checked that and sent you a Thanksgiving note back too..! Do check that, victor😊💕💕, your reply is truly awaited there …!🤗🤗

        I’m so sorry for replying late..! Forgive me for that..!😅😅😅

        Sending you all joy your way, may you too have a cheerful weekend ahead💕💕💐💐💐


    1. Umm..not really a wellness consultant, I mean I dont have that tag lol😅😅

      But, yes, I’m a doc. and apart from treating people, I love to hear from them too…! You know people are really in need of a good listener..!
      So, I’m just doing my part, kinda listening and telling them what to do, how to pack up the mess maybe..!
      Idk if this is really a part of my profession, but I love to..!😊💐💐

      I’m so happy to see you here, glad you dropped by and went through the piece…!
      I’m overwhelmed 🙂

      Hope you are doing good..!🤗🤗❤


  1. Absolute wonder!! Akshita,
    Rejection, for that I followed my own mantra for a long time!!

    “Don’t go there where you insulted/terminated, instead make them regrettable from that second, that what they gonna missed now!!”

    Always feel great to read like this, especially those remedies/suggestion are quite beautifully penned!!😁😁

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    1. Thank you so much divyang (I hope I spelled correctly now 🤪🤭🤭)

      Well, I must say, if everyone would have followed the very mantra, or maybe even realised this for just an instance, the world would be a better place to live in..! “Only if it could”

      And, yes, so glad for you, very few people actually do that, rejections are just another step towards a great success and future..!🙂🙌🏻
      Realisation of this very point at that time, is a matter to look at by many out there, I guess 99% out there..!

      I really appreciate the way you dealt with it..! sending all strength and courage your way..!💕💕

      Hope you are doing good among the hectic schedules ..!🤪

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      1. Haha, yes you spelled right this time!!😛😅

        Yeah absolutely, people wants to regret instead of to make them regrettable.. Why to see only our loss, if they someone finds better substitute than us, then why we can’t unable to find the same?😅😅

        Rejection is necessary, like failures,
        only feels by those who went through it!!, right?🤨🤨

        Yeah, in hope of Government will extend the respective deadlines for GST and Income Tax!!😜😜

        Hope you are doing good!!🙂🙂

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      2. Hahaha, thank god..!🤪🤪

        Btw, yeasss, all you said is really powerful..! I hope everyone could see the failures and rejections the same way, in a POSITIVE WAY…!🌸
        after all, theres nothing bad in them..right? We can make them regret, even badly..!😅
        And yes, totally acceptable, only those who go through them, can actually feel it..! For others its just like a storytale being conveyed to them..!🙌🏻

        Well, in hope of the same lol😜😜

        And yes, I’m doing good, yes..!😂😂👍🏻..
        Thanks for asking that, that’s very sweet of you..!
        Hoping the same from your side as well..!!
        Take care❤


      3. Why to thank god? I taught you right to spelled my name correctly, if you want to thank someone, thanked me!!😂😂 I won’t mind at all!!😂

        Yeah, look substitute are always available, it’s up to one how one, adopt it in right way!! Maybe loss I incurred is more for now, but in time you had chance to make them wrong and regret on their decision!!

        Why? You are also from the same field? i.e. CA or tax consultant 😅😅

        Great, at least someone is doing good..😁😁
        You are too, actually, sweet and salty!!!😂😅

        You too take care,😀

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      4. Ohhhhhmyyygoooddd😂😂😂😂..okey, thanks to you sir, for teaching me to spell your name correctly..! L M A O.😅

        Absolutely correct..! A loss, somewhere, can be a great success, somewhere else..! All depends how sound we are with our mind..!🙌🏻
        So, be any situation, stay strong..!👊

        No no, Mr.CA , I’m no where even close to that..!😂😂 I may say, just the opposite of your field..!🙄
        Practicing medicine..! A doctor..!😅😅

        Well, thanks again, for such a compliment 😂😂😂
        Good day to you..!😁💐

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  2. such a motivating and inspiring read. I loved the part of loving on yourself. Its something I connected with. Well inner light always outshines any hurdles. Thankyou for sharing this

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your words here..!
      I truly appreciate them all, and feel glad you could feel them motivating, I’ll be happy if you could be inspired by this piece..!🙂

      Inner light will surely outshine hurdles…🙌🏻🙌🏻

      Hope you are doing good..!😊
      Have a great day ahead 💕💕💕❤

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  3. Your post is really meaningful. Rejections and success are the yin and the yang of life. one makes you stronger so that the other can provide you with your aspirations. For your age, you display maturity far beyond it.
    Plus your writing style provides motivation to many. You don’t know how many lives you’ll touch.
    Do keep on writing.
    It is truly excellent.

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    1. Thank you so much, this means a lot to me..!😊

      I really appreciate your soo inspiring and supporting words here.!😊
      I would be glad and so happy to see even one person getting inspired..! Would mean so much to me🙂

      Thanks again, your words are a constant support..!
      Hope you have a happy and safe day..!
      Take care🖤

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    1. That’s so sweet of you…Krishna 😊

      Yess, this pandemic is creating a great loss, to the deserving, may no one face such a crisis.. god help them🙏
      I’m so glad to hear this could uplift your morale, I’ll come up with more such posts which help people boost up..! For sure 🙂💕💕

      Sending all strength your way..!❤❤
      Take care🤗🤗❤

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    1. Thank you so much for such inspiring words, James..!🙂
      Means a lot to me..!💜
      And yes, your blog is lovely too, it was a great pleasure reading yours…!😁💜💜


  4. Lol…😂😂
    Sir?!?! is that in honour or to pulled my legs?!

    Absolutely, if our loss is abnormal for them then try to incurred them double loss!!

    Situation is always flexible, sometime we became rigid to stuck in favourable one, right??😅😅

    Doctor?! Did you really said that? You won’t believe, on this platform I met (visit) more doctors than in real life!!😂😂

    If you’re no where even close to me, then you are best in your field I must say, everyone is good in their respective profession!!
    And now a days, you are like lively god for all the people, you are great!! 😁😁

    BTW From Delhi?

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    1. Well, you can understand that better, sir😅🤭🤭🤭.

      Btw yes, situations are always flexible, but see the human nature, we tend to stuck at a favourable one, always. Exactly to the point 😁🙌🏻.

      Hahahahah, yeaaasssss..! Well, this is the beauty of this platform lol😂😂. We tend to meet some we hardly expected off…right?
      Like see me, I’m meeting a CA here, what can be any other best thing for me rn?😁
      And yes, everyone is good in their respective profession..! Celebrate your work( even though it ends up celebrating us each! 🤪🤪)

      BTW, yes delhi..! How did you even figured that out..!
      What about you..? Delhite too?


      1. No problem at all Ma’am;!😛

        Yeah actually, after all who prefer bad over good?! We became good in favourable conditions and reveals the worse face in inverse conditions, right??😅😅

        Yeah, that’s for sure, WordPress is one of the best app for bloggers,
        Well misusing word CA is code of conduct under CA regulatory board, only permitted to them who completed the course, whereas I am still Intern Article, of final year!! 😛😛
        Just kidding, 😂😂

        Like see me, I’m meeting so many doctors here, sometimes wonder, really I am using blogging site or Medical site!!😂😂

        Actually it’s true whatever you written in brackets, it celebrate us on daily basis, lol😂😂

        Delhi and Doctors, seems like all girls of Delhi becoming a Doctor, maybe its their birth right I guess!! Whomsoever I meet (Doctor) on this platform, is from Delhi!! So just take my chance, before ASK!!😂😂😛

        No, no…
        I am Ahmedabadi Gujju,😁😁

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      2. Hahahahha, that’s a kind gesture lol…! Can we stop pulling each others legs…?😂😂😅

        Well, exactly, good for good and worse for the worse..!🙌🏻🙌🏻
        I truly believe in this..!

        Actually, it is, the best one, I came across so far …!🙌🏻
        And, well, you are not really misusing it…damn😂😂 , intern as you said, people doing internships are already something..come on..!
        People here, as soon as they start internships, they get a badge of doctor, and even if they will not get, I’m sure they will call themselves doctors…! Coz actually what we are when we are already into internships..!? So, I’ll address you already as a CA. (ans believe me, there is no misuse of it under CA regulatory board..!😂😂)

        Hahahah, well, that’s your luck then. Meeting doctors and doctors all over again n again..!😂😂..!
        Hai naa, it does celebrate, ending into chaotic schedules and a tired face at the end of the this🥺🥺

        Well, it’s not a birth right lolllll😂😂😂…! It’s just your coincidences😂😂.
        Anyways, talking precisely, I’m from chandigarh proper..! My hometown is actually that. But, been here in Delhi for long..! Soo…!😅😅. Well, I guess it was worth a🤪🤪

        Ohooo…gujratiiiii😌😌😌…dont tell me.!
        I’m fuckin jealous of them 🤨🤨, so fuckin good gujraiti dishes and snacks you all get to eat😭😭.. I’m a great lover if gujraiti cuisines😍😍😍.

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      3. Is this called pulling leg of each other? 😅😂
        If yes, then definitely no, we couldn’t stop that now!!😛😛😂

        Tit for Tat, is something like that??😅😂

        Yeah actually, its best in many ways,🙌🙌😁😁
        Are I was kidding, after all who gonna feel happier than me that I am honoring to CA?!😂😂 that too by Doctor of DELHI!!😂😂

        BTW are you practicing or completed your degree??

        Luck? That was of Imran Khan by the same title of movie, had you seen it??😂😂
        Joke apart but yeah maybe so called coincidences, plays their role here, right??😂😂

        Sometimes I wonder if our faces are similar to any festivals that the life celebrate us like that!!😂😂

        Yeah yeah, it is..
        Especially after talking to you,
        Chandigarh? Are u Punjabi?
        Well don’t agree with me here and let’s break the chain of coincidences here!!😂😂😂

        Delhi is also good though, 😁

        Yes Gujju, then jealous as much as you want, 😛😛😂😂
        Have you any gujju friend?
        Yeah, probably, after having a Gujarati dishes in breakfast like Khaman, Dhokla, Handvo, makes life worthy, after all ku6 to fayda hua…😂😂😂
        Had you tasted any of it? If no, then whom you wait, come Gujarat especially Ahmedabad,
        Corona to jayega nahi, 😂😂

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      4. Phewwwww😪😪😪😪…this game of tit for tat…!!!!!

        Well, thank me later for that🤭🤭. Is that such a big deal, doctor of delhi..??😂
        I feel I’m just gonna save lives, and bring happy smiles, that’s so much more than enough for me..!
        I told you man,….i’m practicing…!(bloody interns lol😁)
        Though I’ve joined the hospital too..!

        Yaa lol..I’ve seen that😂😂😂😂..!
        Well, yess, coincidences do play their roles here, I guess, very much 😂🤪🤪

        Ikr😂😂😂😂…even I wonder that..lmao😂😂
        Still, it will continue to do that😿

        Yep chandigarh, well, not everyone living in chandigarh is a punjabi, so I’m not😂
        Hahahah😂😂…fuckin coincidences…!

        Delhi is too good, ikr..very much.!😅
        Sometimes, its chaotic, though survivable
        You’ve been anytime to delhi??

        I’m too much….jealousssss right noww😪😪😪
        Moreover, after you taking the names of these dishesssss😭😭
        Well, I’ve eaten all of them and I must say gujraiti dishes are just ❤❤❤
        Even that thepla and idk the names of many lol, they are just love. Even the colours of dishes too..!
        Yeah, I had one when I was preparing for the medical entrance. I couldn’t learn much gujraiti from her..!🤪🤪🤪🤪
        But, the dishes she got, even desserts, are love. You are in heaven in means of this🤭🤭.
        Ohh god, I’m such a foody😂😂, spare me for this…!!!!

        And yes, ye Corona ka to kya hi kiya jaye😂😂, aap book karein ticket, hm aate hain😂😂😂😂😂

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  5. You reminded me of my daily work routine, I am into sales & marketing of a global hotel brand and most of the times rejections are part of daily life as due to neck cut competition in & outside the professional grounds.
    Rejections are the oppurtunities and the best teacher one can learn from provided really worked hard on them and the success after rejection tastes more sweeter than anything else in world.
    People used to frame rejections as insult but honestly you know better when you get insulted😋
    You write amazing Akshita and made me write this much as the topic as it reminds of my beginning days.
    Keep writing & smiling!
    Have a great week ahead😇🙌

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    1. Thank you so much prashant 😁🙌🏻
      I’m so glad this piece could be of any help to you. Yes, as you said, marketing of hotel brands has a great competition out there. But, believe me, just try your best🙌🏻
      Obviously, EVERYDAY rejections is a part of our lives, and I guess, the only thing we can do, is learn from them and rise..!
      Success obviously tasted so good after a rejection. After all, makes us even strive for more.
      Rejections are no where to be compared as insults. They are not. Well, for the ones who believe they cannot do anything after that, and are the weakest now, they are themselves an insult to them, their thinking.
      These help you get better day by day, and, after all, there is so much to learn from them, from each bloody rejection..!😁🙌🏻

      I’m so glad you rose and shine, I’m so humbled by this. May god give you courage to fight all those you face everyday, or may face in the near future..!🙌🏻
      You have to rise, bug up.
      Life and opportunities are full of ups and downs..!and, downfalls in the form of any, rejections, setbacks, failures, are all a part of life and will always be..!😁💕💕
      Soo, keep smiling and overcoming all hurdles(rejections)😉

      Have a great day ahead you too..!🙂💕💕


      1. I am elated & as you said rejections are part of life so better we learn and rise, I can relate to it deeply as I have gone through to it due the nature of my job wherein I used to meet with lot of corporate & govt. people of Delhi on daily basis with handful of rejections that looks like as insult initially😋 There I learnt if taken positively, rejections could boost you to do better.
        Thanks again for your beautiful words that took me to my initial days experience.
        Keep writing!🙌😇

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      2. Obviously, they do boost you always to do better and better with each one..!😅
        Just the need is to recognize it in that way..!🙌🏻

        I’m so glad you did..! Keep up like this always..!💕
        You are a strong soul..! Nothing is an insult, if it makes us a better person, to survive..!
        So, go ahead, take them and come out even stronger 👊👊


      3. Saved your words again and thanks again bdw Are you into trainings or mental wellness as you illustrate the subject matter very well (just asked).
        Thanks again!😇🙌

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      4. Thank you so much prashant, I do appreciate your words a lot🙂

        Btw, nowhere into all these trainings and kinda stuff. Neither do I have any mental wellness tag.!😅 that’s such a great pleaure to me for you to think that.

        It’s just I love listening people..! Actually, precisely, I’m practicing medicine, so confronting so many patients, apart from solving their medical issues, I do listen to them as well, from there I get how much people are actually fucked up.
        And you know wht, it is the main reason behind any serious disorders (excluding hereditary ones)
        So, I listen and I do help them with this as well. 😁
        Nothing more than that.🙂❤


      5. My bad, all the way a wrong guess btw so here is a doctor on call that is so great 😋 indeed one of the noble profession and now I can relate it to one of your post (that patient’s letter).
        The best part is that people used to speak truth without hiding anything with doctors and you must be busy now days one due to ongoing outbreak no matter you’re in metro city or small town.
        So Dr. all in all you’re doing great job either on work front or here with writings. It feels more pleasure now connecting & get to know about you.
        More strength & smiles to your way sweet doctor.
        Keep writing & stay connected🙌🙌😇 ( Share your feedback on my new post😋)

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      6. Hahaha, well anyways that’s all worth it, prashant. It indeed Is a noble one. And yours too..! I really appreciate that.

        Yeass, people do speak the truth, some of which they dont even tell to their family members..! I guess they feel so down to even share(some) regarding their healths.
        Thank you so much prashant for your so kind words..! It is a great pleasure from side as well to having connect with you🥰
        Wishing all the strength and smiles your way back too..!ğŸ˜ŠğŸ’žğŸ’žğŸ’ž
        Wishing you to read from you more too, happy blogging🥳🥳
        And, yes, stay connected ❤

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  6. Lol, not a big deal but It’s like rhythmic, Doctor of Delhi..😂😛

    You really done a great job, Akshita, jokes apart!!😁😁
    Half life of interns went in to prove that they are interns still, like me!!😂😂😛😛

    Coincidence ki to baat hi mat karo, Incident se jyada coincidence hote h, in my life!!😛😛😂😂

    Chandigarh, dila doo ghar Chandigarh me, wohi wala Chandigarh??😂😂😂
    Oh shit, my bad, 😛😂😂😛

    Delhi, well if frankly said, was fear from Delhi, but not by the people of Delhi!!😛😛
    Capital, anything happens somewhere, Delhi tak Zaroor baat jati h, And Delhi ki baat Pure Country me!!😂😂😂
    No, never, but plan to visit soon!!
    But my brother did, last year!!

    Really, you have eaten all??
    Then I feel jealous to you now,😂😛
    How can one outsider said that she had tasted all the dishes of ours,??😂😂😂

    Thepla, it’s also good, Jain’s favourite dish, 😁😁
    Only one, still in touch, or lost somewhere??😅🙈

    Desert ki to baat mat kro, itta khata hoo, Diabetes ko v diabetes ho jaye!!😂😂😛😛
    Then you must visit, Gujarat…😂😂

    Khate raho pure din, Aa jaie, karvate h…
    But please don’t bring Corona with you!!😂😂😂

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    1. Hahaha, hmhmmm😂😂😂😂

      Welll, dont prove then😂🤭, just keep going. You should never prove for who you are. Never. And yes, I mean with jokes apart🤭🙌🏻

      I agree😂😂😂😂..coincidences ne to kabhi peecha nhi choda😂

      Well haan vhi song h😂😂😂..and btw if you listen punjabi songs, you’ll come out with many more lines like these😂😂😂

      Ummm..I can agree you on that. Well, the first time I came here, even I felt the same. And even have a bit. But, then, it’s okay. Have to deal. That’s true everything comes here first, all the worse to count to..!🤪 after all, the capital.
      And you know, people of Delhi are actually good…!😂😂 you can see the😌😌

      Ohh, I’ll surely would like to welcome you, anytime you be here, if it happens from the busy schedules😅😅. It is a lovely place to visit with a lot of places of interest.😅

      Haan I have, atleats the all you mentioned🤭 can you can..!😂 I’m glad this could make you one. Ab samjh aaya kaisa lga hoga mujhe 😔
      I have, luckily, all the ones you mentioned..!🤭😋

      Yep just one, well, I’m till in touch with her, luckilyy😅

      Desserts, I haven’t 🥺🤢🤢. And I really want to😪. I’m really wanna visit it🤧🤧

      Hahahah, ji zroor, aap krvaein to shi.
      Haa, it’s worth a😂😂😂 ( I have a full fledged PPE kit for your convenience 😏😏)

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  7. So can I called you that naa? Doctor of Delhi??
    If you mind, Still I won’t stop!!😂😂

    Intern, that’s a suicidal error where one is stuck in between Life and death, I guess..what u said?😂😂

    Chandigarh like that much cheap to buy house? If like that, to to pura Chandigarh hi dila do yaar koi mujhe!! 😂😂

    You are habitual now so you can said that with confidence!! Here I read some news of Delhi, then just realized the struggle of you Delhite!!😂😂

    Yeah true, People of Delhi are too good, except you!!😂😂😂 Who said you are good,

    You are sweet yaar, too sweet!! With spices of Sarcasm!!😂🙌

    That’s really warmth hosting I received, 🙌😅
    Delhi is good to visit, ik, so whenever I’ll be there surely remind you!! 😁😁

    That’s not fair yaar!! Ab to fair n lovely ne v Fair, verb hata diya h!!!😂😂😂 You glad?! Wow, feel it!!😂😂

    That’s really great that you are still in touch with her!! BTW where’s from she, any idea? Means Gujarati h ya Delhi me rehti Gujarati h?!😂😂😅😅

    Then come, whom u wait, aap bataiye krvate h aapki ticket!! Bas fund transfer kr dena bad me, jokes apart but if u really wanna visit it then I’ll suggest to come during Navratri Festival, I hope you know about it!!😁😁😁

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    1. See…see your so called sarcasm coming out again 😼😂😂..haan?

      Ikr very much😂. It is the very exact you said, I guess this is the most dreadful yet experiencing phase of ones life.!😂😅😅. Anyways, totally stuck man..! Phewwww😪

      Hahaha, not at all..! Out if no trend, they keep using it again n again in every other song😂😂
      Aree aree, kharidiyega naa aap, kaun rok rha h aapko?😂😂😂😂

      Yeah, even my parents. They are like very concerned, especially when I’m in delhi. And most probably, have to travel through, Delhi metros and railway stations are holy crap, I must say..!🤧

      Hawwww🥺🥺, Maine kya bigaadaa tumharaaa🥺🥺..😔

      Yeahhh, a warm welcome to you..! Do ping me yes, anytime you are here.

      Dekho dekho sarcasm kaise phoot phoot kr nikal rha inka😏😼😼..haan haan, I feel glad, very gladdddd..khush aap?😏

      Yep, infact she even quite close. Btw, she’s also in ahmedabad ( I met her in delhi before the lockdown, we had a kinda get together .!😂)

      Ji zroor😂😂..jld hi..! Funds transfer ho jaenge aapke😂😂😂😂.
      Ohh, that’s so sweet of you divyang, yes, navratri time, omg I feel to dance over the garbha, everytime I hear navratri is coming..!😅😅 whole Gujarat is lit at that time..! Omg, I’m getting goosebumps, also the so delicious foods and desserts.😛😛
      Btw, you play Garbha right? I guess so, very well…haan?

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      1. Is this Sarcasm, really?😂😂
        If yes then believe me I am so bad in that, please can you share your notes of sarcasm, it’ll be grateful, if you can…😜😜

        Stuck in between Life and death, but nearest to life now, what’s your situation?
        Na na, pu6 lena achcha, chandigarh walo se, vo bhi ab to delhi me rehte h, fir to pu6na aur mandatory ho jata h, Kharide ya na!!!😅😅
        Delhi tak baat jati h!!🤣🤣

        Why you live separate from your parents, in Delhi?
        well just talk about this metros with another friend from Delhi!!😅😅

        Are ku6 nahi bigada!! I was kidding!!😅😅
        Sure, I’ll, hope that time you got time from your busy schedules!!😅😅

        Mogambo khush hua!!😂😂

        It’s good actually when we have friends from different parts of country,
        we knew something from them, and teach them too, right?
        Seriously, From Ahmedabad, really?😮😮
        Achcha h, chalo, fir to aapko hamari zaroorat nahi rahegi, agar A’bad aaye to!!😅😅

        Just kidding, most welcome of yours,
        Gujjus heart is of 56 feet, 😂😂 chest ki to baat hi mat karna!!🤣🤣

        You like Garba?
        then you must have to visit it, but due to COVID, the garba isn’t taking place in party plots this year, government denied to give permission, 🙃🙃

        Yeah, khao, khelo, fir khao, khelo and then so jao!!😂😂
        Well frankly said I am not fond of Garba, I prefer dance over garba!!
        But kar lete h Garba bhi, 😅😅

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      2. Haan ji sarcasm..ab tk to aap kaafi familiar ho gaye honge iss shbd se😏😂😂😂
        Aree notes ki kya zrorrta h, aap hamari classes attend karein na, how to develop sarcasm, and how to actually know when one is being sarcastic, how to realise someone they are actually sarcastic, ye sbki knowledge hm dete hain, aap kl hi register karein..!😏😂😂😂🤭

        Ahannn, sunke acha lga…!🤭🤭 nearest to life..! And always be..! Lol, even me, also try to that side..!😅😛
        Areee Ree, ji zrorr, aap aaiye to kharidne 🤭🤭
        Delhi tk kya pure desh me baat jaegi😂😂

        Yes, kinda. They cant come everywhere I go..! So, yeah abhi to akele. Sometimes it sucks, but theek h ab, I chose this after all.

        Ik ik…aise bol bhi nhi skte aap😌🤭🤭🤭
        Surely, I know how to make out time for people..! So, be assured for that..!😌

        Badiya h😏😏..!

        Ikr, learning or even knowing their cultures, languages, foods and a lot more..!ğŸ’ž it’s a different yet such a good experience altogether.
        Yeass surely, knowing them and teaching them, its just vica versa, with purpose.😅😊
        Jii ahmedabad.
        Btw aise kaise, itna acha mauka hm apne haath se nhi gawane waale,😂😂😏…ahmedabad to aap hi ghumana😂😂😂

        Hahaha, I was not serious even🤭🤭
        Ik…that’s why I love Gujarat..!ğŸ˜ŒğŸ’ž

        Yeassssssss, I’m so much fond of it😍😍😍😍
        Ikr, sadly, this year, this pandemic took all the craze and zeal with it🤧

        Hahah, yhi bacha h bhyee ab, and sukoon bhi isi mein hain ab dekho😂🤭🤭
        Achaaa, I toh love garbaaa😍🥰🥰🥰
        Well koi baat nhi, kabhi kabhi company ka fark padh jata h, I’m sure you’ll not regret with me 😌😂😂😂😂

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      3. That’s so kind of u, Akshita!! I appreciate it, early bird k liye koi discount h ya regular charges hi apply hoge, if I applied for your classes??😂😂🤣

        Haha, Delhi ki baat to pure desh me kya sab jagah jati h, right?😋😋
        Pakka pakka!!😅😅

        Then their worries is worthy, you stay lone in Delhi, vese India ka every city risky h so chalta h, right?😅😅 Koi na take care and if u stuck anywhere you can share with me!!

        Each experience teach us something,
        If it’s bad then it’s lesson
        if it’s good then it’s conront, right?😅😅

        Then don’t forget to ping me when you planned to visit here!!!😅😅
        exactly, but still people hopeful that government will allowed to do by certain conditions, 😅😅
        I can assume your enthusiast face while replying to this comment!!😄😄

        haha, great, I see!!
        Companies to achchi hi hoti h, but I’m not good there maybe, lol!!!😅🤣
        Have you done Garbaa, seriously?
        Koi na try your luck, though… Let’s see!!!😁😁

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Hahaha, very kind at heart (sometimes repays badly..I hope you understand that😅🤭🤭)
        Umm…well you are the first to join, so I guess I can give you discounts, yes..! Surely discounts are there, if you wanna apply 😌🤭🤭

        Ji haan, aap shi samjhe hainn🤭🤭. So when are you planning to?🤭😌

        Yeahhh, kind off..!😅😅🤪 I get to get a big long lecture everyday..! Phewwww😪
        Aww, that’s so very kind of you divyang, surly I will..!!😊

        Yes, it surely does. Well said..!😁🙌🏻
        One should know how to tackle both. After all, ups and downs are part of life.

        Hahah surely divyang..!😌 I would love to😌
        Fucking governments, and their so called rules …! Let’s see how and when I make upto that..! But, surely will..!😁
        Hahaahahahaaa, yeassssssssğŸ˜ŽğŸ˜Ž, a very enthusiast one..!🤭🤭🤭🤭

        Umm, well I guess you can be then..!🤭🤭
        Yaaaaa, I have done garba a lot, you cant even imagine how fond I am of that..! I dont leave a single garba night when I have at my place🤭🤭..
        Well, I guess, i dont have to try, i know it’ll be good enough 🤪🤭🤭
        Looking forward to that…!💝

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      5. Yeah, you are kind and make sure you, you’ll not regret this time!! 🙌🙌😁😁

        Haha sure, I’ll soon join your classes, appreciable replied!!😁😁

        I hope ye corona jaye jaldi, karte h planning baad me!!😅😅

        But their worries aren’t wrong either, especially when one is single kid of their parent, right??😅😅 you have to listen to them, And mine too…😛😛

        Life is like roller coaster, no one really never knows which turns comes and when it comes either, there’s only one surety that either they gonna sink or gonna rise, 😁😁🙌🙌

        Your most welcome in Ahmedabad, anytime!!😌😌
        Government is such a hell, like now they decide to permit the Garba with 200 people (t&c applied)..😂😂😛😛
        I’ll see, and wait…😁😁

        Haha, not wrong at all…😛😛
        That’s great,
        Hahahahaha, no need of that, I already assuming you doing Garba!!😛😛
        Well, I also guess the same, let’s see when it turns into reality, right??😅🙌
        Have a great day!!😗😁

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      6. Haha, I hope so the same too..!🤪
        Well waiting for the early birds..lmaooo😅🤭🤭

        Ji zroor, kyun nhi. After all hum tehre wanderlusts..!ğŸ’ž

        Ik ik..theirs are totally acceptable..!😁🙌🏻
        Well I’m not a single kid though..! I have a notorious sister.. lmao who is always a headache to me..!😂😂
        Haaa, well sure..! Aapka hukum saraankhon pr.😌😌

        Well true..! It Is surely full of ups and downs, no one never knows what comes the way. Rising or sinking in that pittfall is barely a choice, cunning enough to make..!😅

        This is a heartily welcome divyang 😌, I’m humbled.
        Well garba and 200 not done😂😂, it seems so good with countless..!😌
        So, what are your plans..going???( even though not a garba perosn.!😉)

        Well then I hope you are good at assuming 😌🤭..!
        Waiting for it to turn to reality..!😌😅
        You too have a great but occupied one..!🤭🤭

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      7. Well, I too… Where there’s a hope, there’s life too!!😌😁
        Well waiting to meet new Teacher, 😅😅

        Wanderlust, jitna bhari ye word h, we refresh at the same, when we go on a trip, right??😅😅

        Worth acceptable, not only acceptable!!😂😂😛😛
        Oh shit, again my bad!! 2 Sisters- 2 brothers ki to baat hi alag hoti h, masti – fight- leg pulling – bas yahi laga rehta h, right??😂😂 I can understand, I too have an elder brother, 😛😛
        Oho, sach me King jesi feeling aati h!! 😂😂😛😛

        Exactly, no one knows what’s into their fate, just one thing is sure, death.. So it’s up to one, whether they wanna die with fun or wanna just live to die!!

        Garba, Still no actual guideline released by Government officially, fucking media daily spread rumours on regular basis!!😂😂 Absolutely, it’s good with countless people!!
        Well I’ll go with friends, they will play garba, I enjoy them!! 😂😂

        Well, then I hope you are good at judging, 😌😌😁😁
        Reality, yeah it’ll happen soon, look how much optimist I am right now!!😌😌😂😂

        Liked by 1 person

      8. Hahah, waiting to meet my new student..!😂✋🏻

        Well, sooo big yeassss..!😅😅😁

        Yaya, damn, worth acceptable..!🤦‍♀️😂
        Yaa, see again hence proved something..!😂😂 hmhm, the opposite case is miserable. Haha, thanks to that, after all you can so very well understand..! You guys have repeated episodes of fights..haan????🤔😂😂
        Aree to lijiye naa….!😌

        So righttt…!🙌🏻 death is inevitable.

        I’m seriously gonna fuck this stupid government now…making stupid rules out of nowhere. Jb mann karta h change kar dete hain, ye bhi koi baat hui..batao??😐😐
        Aakhir hum deshvaasi hai ki nhi😂😂😂
        Well, that’s good. Friends garba and party has a good match..! Enjoy 😁😁

        Hahaha, nice punch..!😂😂😂 and I so very much appreciate it..!😌😌🤭
        Yeah, hoping to that.
        Hahah, sometimes it is worth it..!😂😂 so, stop all that😂😂😂😂😂

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  8. Well, it’s worth waiting then!!😁😁

    Hahahahaha, true…😁😁
    I just can’t imagine the opposite case now, it’s holy shit…😂😂😂 Not at all, we fought when we were kid, but now it’s erased from life., Missed that fighting so sometimes screw big b,😂😂
    Are to dijiye na…😛😛

    True, death is inevitable, non transferable!!😂😂 just guess what if it’s transferable one??😂😂 everyone become kho kho player then…😛😛😂

    Fuck ’em all, I am with you!!😂😂 they change the rules like changing the clothes of toddler!!

    Deshvaasi, ji bilkul h naa..
    But maybe they don’t know!! Hume pata h hum deshvaasi h, you know you are deshvaasi but what about them?!😂😂😂

    Yuup sure, you too enjoy the company of your dearest!!😁😁

    That’s not punch though Akshita!!😂😂 am I looks like a boxer??!😛😛 hope pe to duniya tiki h, we people are maybe helpless but not hopeless right??😅😅
    Yeah, sometimes it’s worth it, sometimes it’s work it..😂😂😛😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Surely surley..!😅🤭

      Aww…well even I do miss that fights and all a lot. Its so ironic know that when we are small, we feel so bad we fight, we nearly tend to kill each other😪😂😂, and when we are big, like now, we miss those very moments..!😅😁

      Hahah, nice logic here😂😂…I wish it could had been this way, it would had been fun know, at the same time wierd too..???😂😂😂🤭 ( I can already imagine the whole situation..!)

      Hahah, that’s so good to hear..!🤜🤛
      Seriously, and the fun fact is they never know. Stupid governments.😪

      Well so right… ! Hamari govt ko yhi nhi pata..! And politics politics khelne ka shauk rakhte hain😐😐😐
      Yeahhh, sometimes it does so..! Maybe sometimes..!🤭😁

      Yeahhhhhhhhhh…fuckin dearest..!😂😂

      Punch kya sirf boxers dete hain divyang😂😂, dont consider only that punch. 😅😅
      Yeasss right..! We are so fuckin helpless..!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha sounds relief!!😁😁

        Sometimes I wonder that, when we are small, we think to be adult soon, and when we became adult, we again change our preference to be toddler again, it happens with many, don’t know this happens with you or not?!😅😅
        Well yeah, irony is always there in life to amend the life of ones,
        some unexpecting happens and seems like everything changes!!

        Dekha maine bola tha na you are shaitan, but aap to killer nikle!!😂😂 hypothetic killer!!😜😜So your sister is younger than you, right?

        Yes, sometimes this type of thoughts come in my mind when I am on my way to home in late night, like I am chuckle on my own thoughts!!😂😂
        And i can imagine you, lol!!🤣🤣

        But still am Modi bhakt after all he’s from Ahmedabad, don’t find a single reason to hate him😅😅, what ’bout you? Kejriwalji to mast maula h, apne maffler me!!😂

        Yeah they fond of playing politics politics because they don’t know…
        if they know, did you really think they join politics?😋😋🤪🤪

        No, no
        Punch sirf boxers nai dete, humari ek friend h delhi se, vo bhi achche deti h, A se naam start hota h unka btw!!🤣🤣🤣

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      2. Well yeasss, totally agreed. Our notorious mind, keeps changing. Really a crave to be an adult as a child as a child back then being an adult, is so evitable and so much breathtaking both at the same time. Some really want their childhoods back some adulthood..! Again a big irony 😁
        expecting the unexpected, and unexpecting the expected, is again a new trend these days..lmao🤪

        Hawww…mein kaiseeeee🤢🤢
        Well she’s younger..! A pain in my ass..!🤪🤭

        Hahahaha, omgggg 🤭🤭🤭🤭 now you are imagining me..?????🤭🤭😌

        Hahah, Modi ji ke bhakt😂😂🙏, hamein koi interest na hai politics me dekho..seedha seedha bataein toh😂…bolte kuch hain karte kuch aur, bethe bethe janta ko bewakoof bana rhe hain bhyee dekho😂😂
        Isliye ye to ab moh maya lagta hai humko😂

        Ikr, they actually dont know wht actually politics is. Just you know like, whatever way a cow is shown, she goes that way, something like that. Totally unemployed fuckin government and more than that all those political parties. Their major throwback you can see during voting periods. Bhyee itne vaade, itne vaade banate hain, phir ek bure ex ki tarah saare bhool jaate hain 😂😂
        Hum bol rhe ye sb moh maya h😂😂

        Hahhaha, areee shukriyaaaa😂😂😂😂😂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Haha, true in many ways…😂😂 Mind h ya, government ka circular pata hi nai chalta, badlta rehta h always…😂😂
        Oh then it’s happens to you as well? How’s that possible though?? 😂😂😂 Both have their own pros and cons, adulthood ki mazaa hi alag h, aur childhood ki shararat..😂😂 Exactly, we expect that which is unexpected I guess, and made a blind race behind it…😂😂

        You said na, you nearly tend to kill each other, to killer hue na aap….😂😂 I read somewhere that the elder child of family is like rebel, is it true? In my case it’s true, what about yours??😂😂

        Yeah, I imagining you…😂😂

        Yeah, Proud bhakt, Modi Bahkt..😂😂 Kya baat kar rhe ho, politics or Delhi ka relation to aesa h mano Twins… And you said you aren’t interested in politics…😂😂😂
        Jo bolta h usi ka bikta h, humara bhi bikega, der lagegi but at least he is doing something good…😁😁 Surgical strike yaad h na?? To do something is good than not to do anything…😅😅 Ab boliye,
        Moh maya to ye Duniya h, 😂😂

        Yuup, true.. They play that game, they actually don’t know…😂😂 Are yr aesa mat boliye, pappu wali government se kai better h…😂😂 Vaado and voto ki baat mat kariye, hum to dono hi nai dete…😂😂 Bura ex, lmao….😂😂😂😂
        Ji ekdum thik bole ye sab moh Maya h, moh maya hi jeevan h..😂😂


        Liked by 1 person

      4. Ji haan😂😂😂..ab kya hi kiya jaa skta h bataiye😂🤪
        Yep, everything has pros and cons, so does adulthood and childhood too..! Agreed so much😁🙌🏻

        Hahahaha, very true…! Real rebels and so clever….!😠😠( I mean we are too, but they, being elder, gains so much attention and love, much more..lmao..!😐)

        Hahahaha, bchh ke rahiyega phir toh aap😂😂🤭

        Aree…modi ji ke bhakt!😂🙏 ji nhi, hamein koi dilchaspi nhi hai kabhi thi😂, bolte kuch hain karte kuch aur. Aise logon se hum door rehna hi pasand karte hain😂😅
        Yeahhh, he is doing atleast something, agreed.
        Moh maya..hmhm😂😂😂..ab kiya bhi kya jaa skta iss jaal mein phass chuke hain😂😂😂

        Lol..pappu wali government 😂😂🤦‍♀️
        Ummmhmm..and kyunnn???? Darr lagta h nibha nhi paoge? Ya kya?🤔😅
        Moh maya and us, cheers to this..!😂😂😂🥂

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Ku6 bhi nahi….😂😂 Jo hain, yahi hain… Accept krte h to thik na kre to bhi thik…😂😂 Haan, actually you are right, Everything has some pros and cons, one simply can’t deny to that fact..😅😅

        Hahahahaha, lol…😂😂😂😂
        You define it very well, Real rebels…😂😂 24×365, rebellion bhari hoti h unme bus sahi time ki talaash me rehte h…😂😂 Ohhh you feel jealous, now???😂😂😂 Attention and love, well this reminds me to song of Charlie puth by the same title, Attention, have you heard??😅😅

        Ji zaroor, aap se to social distancing maintain karni hi rahi, 😂😂😂

        Lol, Modiji hain tab tak hum nirmala didi ko ku6 nahi keh sakte… Are, Arnab Goswami ko dekha kare fir to aap,😂😂 Dilchaspi kya sab ku6 ho jayega…😂😂 Jo main bolta hoo vo main nahi krta, jo main nahi bolta vo main definitely karta hoo..😂😂 Hum aapko door rehne hi nahi denge…😂😂
        He is definitely doing good, koi shak nai h usme, yeah People are suffering from his decision but later on that decision proves effective ones…

        Moh Maya dekhiye, vo to aesa hain na mano, Moh hain vaha Maya, and Maya hain vaha Moh..🙈🙈😂😂😂 ji ku6 nai kar sakte, jaal hi aesi thi hume phasna pada….😂😂😂

        Pappu bhaiya kya bolte h aadha to vo upar se jata h, unhe khud nai pata!!!😂😂 Darr nai lagta bas yuhi Moh maya se pare!! 😂😂😂 Vaade krenge to vo tut jayenge, vots denge to vo bik jayenge… Aap bataye apni vishesh Tippani,

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      6. Hai na…ikr😂😂😂😂.
        Yepp, if everything has certain advantages so does some disadvantages too.

        Hmhmmm…poore ke poore rebels kahin ke.😼.
        Ohhh plss…I’m not jealous.. I never get😌🤭🙊, vo to bss hm bata rhe the aapko, ki aisa aisa hota h..batao..kitni na insaafi h, pehle vo nobita ab ye🤢😪
        Hahah, hell yeahh, it was sometime on loop😂😂, when it actually came. A great song..lmao

        Kyun bhyeee…hmne kya bigaada aapka😐😔😔

        Aree re, aaj ke liya itna politics ka gyaan kaafi tha divyang 🤭, ab mujhe lagta h I’ll never deprived of political issues, aap jo bethe😂😂😂😂 ( dekhlo chipkaya na ab filmy dialogue phirse😂😂..)
        Yeah can agree on that. I guess he looks upon the long term effects, not just primary, just for the time being..right??

        Hahah, agreed.
        Aree aree, aise kaise toot jaenge bhyee vaade..maana log todte hain, but aap unme se to nhi hain naa??😂😂 Bahut log nibhate bhi hain, vo bhi bahut ache se, bahuton ko nibhane ki zarorat nhi padti, after all here too priorities matter 😂😂😂, the person whom we made a promise? And how much true we can remain to us..? Something like that..agreed??🤔 ( votes ki baat hi chod dein, it’s something like, diye jo vote tujhe, vo Phool bann gaye, savera jb hua, sabme vo btt gaye..!lalalalla..!😉🤭🤭🤭)

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      7. Yuup true, very very true…
        Nothing is fully beneficial nor it’s fully hazardous, right??😂😂😂

        Rebellion to hamare khoon me hain Janaab…😂😂😂
        Ohh plss, you are jealous, confess it, 😂😂😂 Arre aesa hua aapke saath, ye na insaafi to bilkul Gabbar k goons k sath hui thi bilkul vesi hui,
        Nobita to h hi sucker idiot, rota rehta pure din, bewakoof…😂😂
        Are you listening to him?😱😱 Yaar, fan hoo uska to, We don’t talk anymore/ done for me/ Dangerously/ Marvin gaye/how long all are just awesome…😁😁😁

        Are kahi aapko ku6 Bol diya aur kahi murder kar diya aapne to hamara, hume Marne ka darr nai, lekin aap Jail jaye vo pasnad nai!!!😛😛😂😂😂

        Politics is a wide topic, jitna andar jao utna hi andar khichta h vo Hume, right??😂😂 no, no you should Akshita, 😂😂 ( arre filmy dialogue ka to kya h, aaj ye tha, kal koi aur 😂😂😂) yeah he’s. Everyone looks unhappy by his decision but the one who sneer him, praise the most!! ( Exceptions are always there though😂😂)

        Vaade hote hi h tootne k liye so better h koi vaade kro hi na, khud se karo to thik h,😅😅😁 Yeah, Nibhanewale nibhate h kyo ki vaade karte h vo, hum na hi karte h, na hi lete h!!😂😂
        Lol priorities!!😂😂😂
        Yeah, we lost our self there and won someone?! What you chose, Win others and lose yourself or Win yourself to lose others??
        ( Akshita aap hi h na, ye shayrana andaaj, kaafi khush nazar aa rhe h, but I know the reason behind your happiness) 😂😂😂

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      8. Yeahhhh….after all, everything upto the limits, seems good..! We can set our own limits.

        I’m not jealous 🤢🤢, bss dil se bura lagta h dekho🤭…
        Yeah yeah…even me lmao😂😂😂, yeahhh, quite good pick ups here. And I’d like to add some to this, see you again/ one call away/ the way I am/ change/ somebody told me..goddd his songs are just 🧡🧡

        Aree aree…bsssss😂😂😂😂…!!!!! Hm koi murderer nhi hain tp blki logon ki jaan bachana pasand karte hain 😂😂…( marne ka darr nhi, but hm jail jayen ye pasand nhi aapko, waah bhyee waahhh😂😂, mtlb hmne aise konse punye kr diye??🤭)

        Agreed. Politics..! Cant agree more. Deep topic and a controversial one too.
        Yep, I too abide by his..I see they are long lasting enough😂😂😂, not just temporary..!
        (Yeass, exceptions are always there..!)😁

        Ji ji ab kya hi batein vaade. Everyone can’t keep them, after all bolne mein aur nibhane mein kaafi difference hai..nhi?? ( after all, exceptions are there..!🤭)
        Welll, I will always choose to prioritize me in front of anyone else…winning me would always be the best option, if I’ve lost me onlu in the process of winning someone else, what’s the point then?? It’s just like accepting something which leaves you helpless..right? I was never in a favour of losing myself to win others, I would prefer winning others, but never at the cost of losing me, that sucks, it completely sucks. Wht bout you divyang?😁
        ( aree hm hi hain😂😂..kabhi kabhi kr lete hain hm bhi 🤭, btw I too want to know the reason behind my happiness..can you tell me you know the reason??😂😂🤭🤭)

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      9. Absolutely, we set our own limits, as and we feel!!😁😁

        Lol, see you are… Dil se to lagega hi na bura, agar dil pe laga ho to….😋😜🤭
        Way I am is damn too good, his lyrics were something which goosebump us, right?
        And what can I say about his voice, banda DIL se gata hain, tp DIL tak jata hain, right?😅😅 the latest one are not that much good but his 1-2 year old songs are ❤❤

        Feels good while teasing you!!!😜😜🤭🤭 plz don’t mind…
        Arree ha bhai I know you are doctor by profession but what about the other side of yours, I know about it right!!😋😋 (punya aap krte rho, paap karne k liye hum bethe h, abhi to aapne bataya aap logo ki jaan bachana pasand karte h, isn’t that punya?!🤪)

        Politics h to vo definitely controversial hi hoga, whether it’s of India or somewhere elses’, right?😂😂
        Yuup for sure, it’ll be long lasting one, as far as he able to survives, I guess!!😅

        Yeah, you got the right nerve, Bolte sab hain, par nibhate bahot kam log hain!!
        So better not to be any of it, like na bolo na nibhao!!!😅😅
        (hell yeah, exceptions are always there 🤭😜)

        Well you pick the right points, if we lose our own self to win others, then what are we off? I think that’s the most dramatic situation one can go through it..
        Winning others is only permissible, if one knows how to survive from own dilemma, right? If we lose our self, then there’s no people who is capable enough to won us, even though the one to whom we lose ourself, so better to be saviour of our self first, then to think about others, right?

        Humara to kya hi h, fakir aadmi hain, jeete hain, jit to hum jate hi h kyo ki harna itna sikh liya h, haar ko bhi ab shy feels hota hoga kbhi kbhi!!🤭🤭😜😜

        Achcha to thik, hum soche ye Akshita ji me, Gulzar saa’b ki aatma to nai aa gai kahi galti se!!
        Yeah, why not, there are couple of reason I can assume to be your happiness
        1) You are happy because you got the confirmation of leave this Diwali
        2) You are happy because you gonna soon meet your family
        3) You are happy because hum aapki taang khicha karte h har waqt
        4) You are happy because something recently good happens to you,

        Hope at least 1 sach ho jaye!!😅😅

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      10. Lol..whatever…okey I am😂😂😂

        Yesss, the lyrics..!❤❤
        Hahah, yeass, well tbhi toh it is felt so much by the listeners. And it is not even here, anywhere, whatever work you do, it is seen whether you put all your heart n mind in doing that or not..not???

        Ha ha ha ha🤣🤣🤣🤣, ohhh yeahhhh, the other side..! Hmhm, aap to jaante hain..chliye bhool jaiye phir use😂🤭🤭 (aree aree, na na, aise nhi…fair fair rkhiye😂, okok, shukriyaa batane ke liye, ye to punya hai bhyee, chaliye maan lete hain hmne punya kiye😂😂🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️)

        Yeahh…exactly. the controversies are created by people running the system.. lmao, muh pr kuch peeche kuch aur.
        Aree haan haan, after all deaths are inevitable 😂😂😂

        Hahaha, well this is not a solution divyang for this 😂😂, na bolo na nibhao😂,after all you have to make some at some point of time, and you might be doing some in daily lives as well, and somewhere you even would have to live upto them.😅😅 ( hahah,yeasss, always..!l)

        Exactly divyang. There is no point to surrender yourself, just to win someone. You dont have to leave yourself for them. Vo song h na Selena Gomez ka, ‘i needed to loose you to love me’, I think that is the best one here, and totally justifies the point. The lyrics are totally apt.😁😌.
        And yes, we need not do that. We are enough for us right? We dont need anyone to love us unless we are not doing that by ourselves? If we are not respecting our self worth, if we are not appreciating us, and being a slave in front of the perosn we wanna win, or maybe any perosn, how can expect others to respect us? And not treat us like slaves?
        Half of the generation is so stupid to loose them only to gain a person who night leave them at some point or the other, or maybe not treats him/her the way they actually want to be, or maybe they are just accepting the love they think they deserve..haan???
        (Well, have you seen that movie, ‘perks of being a wallflower ‘, that is the best one I came across till the point. (If you havent do watch someday..😁)

        Aree aree😂😂😂, well failures are so much a part of our lives as much as successes are. So, it is imp to fail even, a billion of failed efforts, and one big success, Pays off everything divyang.

        Hahahah, aise na bolein😂😂😂😂, hum bhi kar hi lete hain kabhi kabhi dekho aise😂
        Ohoo, itne reasons happiness ke😂😂, hahah, well leave to mil gai dekho😂, 2nd bhi shi h, I’m excited to meet them, 3rd wala bhi maan hi skte ho haan😂😂😂😂 and 4th, ummmm, well har vakt kuch n kuch bura ya acha hota hi rehta h,so chlo ye bhi consider kr hi lete hai 😂😂😂😂

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      11. Lol!!!😂😂 Okay, you’re…

        Lyrics hi to hjo listeners to insist karte h use sunne k liye again n again, right?😅😅
        Par banda jo gata hain na, sahi h, but at the same time uske facial expression na mano koi jabardasti kar rha ho usse, not every but I noticed that in 1-2 songs me!!!😂😂 (well that’s true though that one works with support of mind and heart, they will gonna rule on people…😁😁)

        Hahaha, aese kese bhool jaye bataye to zara!!😂😂
        Ek yahi to best way h aapko tease karne ka… Gaur se dekhiye iss masoom se chehre ko, jo peshe se doctor h par unka dark secret h ku6 aur hi!!🤭😅 (are arre sab fair hi rakha h, aap punya kiye jao, baki ka hum dekh lenge..🤪🤪 arre aapko maanna padega hi logo ki jaan jo bachate rehte ho, ganga jane ki zaroorat nahi rahegi aapko)

        Well, haha, true that system hi h jo controversies lata h, in one or another way…😜😜 but beware, you are talking in front of Modi bhakt, I warn you, lol…😂😂😂😂
        Nikalna hi ek din sabko, ticket to reserve hi hoti h but time fix nai hota, I guess!!😅

        Haha you caught me there,😅😅
        Well yeah we all have to fulfill those untold promises as well,
        In daily life we all should have to have it, whether one believe or not…😅😅
        Well i am guessing you are kinda quite relate to that concept, is it?😅😅

        Absolutely true, one can lose themselves, if they know the counterparty also ready to do the same . One can’t surrender themselves to get someone and lose themselves somewhere.. Ohh yeah, I heard that one, and that appropriately used here by you, kudos to you!!😃😃

        Yes, we don’t need anyone to love us, we are always there for us..
        One is enough for themselves, 😅😅
        Yeass, that’s the fuckin point, if we omit to value us, how can we expect that from others?! First know yourself, valued it and then find what you want in your way!!

        Yeah, I am fucking tired to understand the mind of today’s generation…🧐🧐
        Means they don’t know where are they and who are they, they want everything but in least efforts, which often leads them to misery paths… For them to keep promise with one and breaks up with another is normal, in that way maybe you find my thought right here (na vaade karo na nibhao)!!😅😅
        (Perks of being a wallflower?! No, I don’t, but now I will definitely..
        I saw pursuit of happyness, kinda that one?
        Thanks for the suggestion though…🙃🙃

        Arre humne kaha ab to hum jit hi jayenge, itni baar fail jo hote rhe h life me!!
        Ab to jeetna pakka h, and agree one good shot and every failure of yours becomes past of life….😊😊

        Arre aapka to pata hi hain na hume, aap kaha chupe ho humse!!! lol…😂😂😂
        arre bhai itni kripa na kare hum pe, aese kese sab sahi consider ho sakte h, 2-3 ko nikalo, hume na banaye aap…🧐🤪🤪
        aap ka happiness ka ek hi reason h ki aap khushiya baant te ho hamesha, that’s all..

        Bas yahi karte rahiye always, you’ll be happy for always…😁😁😁😊😊

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      12. 😐🤭🤭

        Exactly, after all agar yhi nhi hoga to kyun hi koi sunega.
        Hahahah, well vo ‘everyone ‘ mein hm bhi aate hain sir😂😂 even I didn’t notice that..lmao😂😂, dekhni padegi video ab, OCD bhi ek badi samasya hai😂. ( exactly, ek se kaam nhi chlta, dono ka upyog zrorri hai bhyee🤪😂😂)

        See me…soo innocent😔
        Dark secret🤢🤢, aise konse secrets chupa kr bethe hain hm..han?😂😂 ( aree aree, itni meherbaani aapki😂😂, ganga sirf paap dhone thodi na jaaya jata h, and tumhe kya lagta h ek baar ganga me nhaa liye aur saare paap dhul gaye??😂😂😂)

        Hahhaha, a Modi bhakt, who never voted for him..hai na modiji ke bhakt🤨😂😂 (modiji ko bata denge hm aapki ye harkat😂😂)
        Aree kitna shi bole ho, actually I like the flow of the line😂😂😂, but kuch logon ke saath to na insaafi bhi ho jaati h naa🥺

        Exactly, we can make us understand, but the point is, till when???
        Well yeasss, I so much agree here. Iss baare mein toh kaafi kuch dekh liya h bhyee😂😂

        Exactly, the song says it all. We are all we need, enough to fulfil us, our daily problems, our needs, everything. People forget this in the path, and are so much into ‘chaar din ki chaandni’ type things😂😂,, that sucks really bad at the end divyang, I must say😪
        If we cannot respect ourself, we cannot expect anyone to respect us too on the first note. All starts from “us”.

        Hahha, me too..lmao. it’s like a complicated never ending project.
        Exactly. You know, small kids, bloody 7th 8th school going toddlers, really into, ‘my life, my love’, ‘we rule’, ‘heartbroken’, ‘love is a myth’..lmao..someone tell them..fucking grow up peeps, you seedlings..😂😂 (it’s so irritating to see all that)
        Hahaha, jii zarorr. Ye toh hm bhi maante hain, vaade kro to nibhao, nhi nibhane toh kro hi mt naa. Why give false Hopes. I read somewhere, ” if you just want to play with a flower, dont pluck it, please let it grow”, and this is something so true I read somewhere.
        (Yep, see that, its soo good one. Yes, I saw that, that is totally bliss man, even that, ” the curious case of Benjamin button”, do watch that too, if you liked pursuit of happiness.😁
        Well, the, it is not of this type, somewhat different, but a worth watch one.🙂
        (Hah, ab thanks bolke formality na karein😂😂😂, itni formal talks hazam nhi hongi)

        Hahhaha, keep up the spirit then😁, all good luck to you.

        Aree aree😂😂😂😂
        Ab kya nikalun usme me bataiye aap😂😂, jb sb hi kahin na kahin apt hain😂😂, in some way or the other.😌
        Hahah, that’s kind of you to say that.😁

        Yhi krenge hamesha ab toh, aapne jo bol diya 😂😂😌

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      13. Kya ho gya?!🙈😂
        Yeah, utmost necessary..😁😁
        Seriously?? Aap na uske close look up vale song dekhna, bhot hi jabardast face expression deta h jabardasti se…😂😂😂 haha, dekhiyega aap aaram se…😂😂
        OCD bhi and FED bhi…😂😂😂 (yuup true, ek hoga and ek nai hoga to koi fayda nai…😂😂)
        Dekh rhe hain hum aapke Innocence ko…😁😁
        Arre vahi to pata lagana chahte hain, dark secrets to sab k hote hi h koi na koi, aapka bhi hoga!!!😂😂
        (Meharbani nai ji kripa bole kripa!!😂🙈😂😂🙈 Vese 90% indians yahi maante hain, Ganga maiya me dubki maro, pavitra ban jao, aapka pata nai shayad aap 10% me aate ho!!😂😂 Are you??🙈😂😂)
        Yuup tabhi Modi bhakt hoo, if I voted him to kab ka regret kar raha hota khud pe…😂😂 ( arre bataiyega aur bolna Ahmedabad se hi hain..😂)
        Hahahahaha na insaafi, vo kho kho vala game yaad aaya, vaha khel jate hain sab…😂😂😂
        Well, we can understand that at the right moment… And right moment k liye, hum khud responsible hain…
        Oho ho, Akshita seriously?? You agreed here? Aesa to kya dekh liya hume bhi to bataiye, shayad hum bhi agree ho jaye aapki uss baat pe…😂😂😂
        Not good memory though, but I remembered something from that song, if we are there we can do that..We only need ourselves..😁😁”Chandani o meri chandani vali Chandni?🙈😂😂 yuup I totally understand that Akshita..😌😁
        Yes, all start with us and end with us… If we forget to be our self we forget the best of the life, I guess…😁😁 BTW what u chose following others or make others follows you?? It’s optional, you can ignore this too..😅😅
        Hahahahaha, exactly, like Nibba-nibbi… Childish mind,😂😂😂 they are heart breaking if someone ignore them, that too online!! 😂😂 like how and how far will you survive then?? 😂😂😂 (it’s irritating and quite funny too at the same time…😂😂)
        To fir, if one is knowing that they aren’t capable of to fulfill the promises then don’t do it, there’s no pressure on you… Rather than be original and straight forward, right??😅😅
        Wow, that’s quite beautiful enough to patch up here…🙌😁 that’s so true, don’t plunk it, chance to grow them…😁😁
        ( Yes definitely I’ll, Madamji bole aur hum na kare, humari itti zurrat!!.😂😂 ohhh yes I saw that, Benjamin button (Brad Pitt..😍😁) born like an old one and then started the reverse cycle of the life, that’s such a great story…😁😁😁
        Arre pakka madam ji, aapka hukam sir aankho par, kahe to angutha lagva de?!😂😂
        (Dekhiye formality ka to aesa hain ki vo informal way se hi nikalti hain, whether you considered that thank you or not!!😂😂, hazam karna Sikh le to fir…😂😂)
        Haha sure, I’ll..😁😁 Kripa banaye rakhna apni…😅
        Arrree arree
        Sab nikal dijiye, mujhe koi aapatti nai, if you wish..😜😜 Well then you got the leave confirmation right?😍😅
        Ji khushiya share karo, sadev khush raho…😁😁😌😌

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      14. Yeah yeah..I saw the video the other day😂😂😂, you were right lol, but the strange thing is, I never noticed that lmao😂😂
        Hahahah, lol ( exactly, dono ka saath mein chlna bahut zaroori hai bhyee🤪)

        Hai naa, dekh lo ab..!🤢🤢
        Hahahah, lol…well I guess I dont have much here, and I’ve to rethink if i have any…lmao😂😂😂😂 (hnge to shi🤪🤭🤭)

        ( aree aree chaliye kripa😂😂🙏, ohh aisa h kya chaliye phir to hum 10% ki ginti mein hi aaenge bhyee😂😂😂, I dont believe in all this lol)
        Dekha dekha, aaye modi bhakt😂😂(Ohoo aree zroor zroor, zroor bataenge)
        Hahah, sirf vahin nhi, bahut jaghon pr hoti h bhyee😂😂😂
        Exactly, this is well said one divyang. We are truly and wholly responsible for any moment we have in our lives..!
        Well, mujhe samjh nhi aaya divyang, kis baare mein bat kr rhe ho yahan??😂😂
        Hahahaha, hmhm, kaafi acha match kr liye aap😂😂
        Exactly, we are treated by others the way we ourselves treat us. And lmao, we forget this in the path of life. Hahah, I like that the 3rd option lol😂😂, kinda savage😂😂, but I guess I choose following the ones who can teach me something, and making follow people one, that really depends, I think if we continue to do good and be us, the people will eventually follow.
        Hahaha, exactly divyang, and this is so wierd lol. Heart breaking divyang..?😂 lol 9 to 10 years kids, heart breaks??😂😂
        Exactly divyang, confused minds end up messed up. You should have a clear vision towards everything, if you can, keep them, otherwise dont.
        Exactly, this is the best thing I’ve read so far.😊
        ( aree aree bss bss itni tareef na kijiye ab😂😂, yeah it definitely is..!💜
        Aree aree lol😂😂😂, jaiye aap lagva hi dijiye ab toh

        Well, yeass, I got the leave eventually, and frankly saying, I never expected that coming. So now the surprise is on🥳🥳
        Hope many happinesses for you too this diwali divyang 💜

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      15. Seriously?😂😂 You hadn’t notice that, in his videos😂😂😂
        This is not strange only, this is shocked too..😂😂
        Yeah absolutely, it’s like two wheeler, if anyone gets imbalanced, one shook for sure…🤣🤣

        Na na hume nai dekhna aesa khadoos emoji..😂😂
        Ha ha honge to sahi, bas aap reveal kar do, baki hum dekh lenge, lol..😂😂
        Chaliye bataiye to fir, start kare, computer mahaday..🤣

        (Hahaha, lol…10% me aate ho aap?! tabhi sochu aap itne punya k kam kar rehe to fir to ganga jane ki naubat aanevali nai, aapko…😂😂)
        Shshhs, don’t unveiled this side of mine in public, you know I am Modi bhakt…😂😂
        (are bataiyega na use, but private me, aese publicly troll mat kijiye hume, shayad kal hum kangana mahoday jitne famous na jaye kahi, lol…🤣🤣)
        Yes, we sole responsible for our loss and gain of life, absolutely..
        We drew our path so blame others isn’t right in any ways, right?😅😅

        Vo aapne bola tha na iss bare me to kaafi ku6 dekh liya hain bhyee. to mene puu6a aesa kya dekh liya aapne,😅😅

        Arre hum match to achcha karte hi h par catch me garbadi ho jati hain, as you know my guess isn’t that much good…😂😂😂
        3rd option, haha.. good one… 😁😁
        Well answered though, follow those who teach us something valuable and precious, rather than to them who feels us jacko…😅😅
        Yeah we made many followers too if we stuck to our basics only, but in today’s time it sounds like, fuck off, everyone ready for that instead of to see the right direction.. 🤣🤣
        Yeah that’s the point, even they aren’t out of their couch, and they said I am heart broken, means seriously?🙈😂 hain bhagwan….😜😜😜
        Kaha se aate hain ye log, kon hain ye 🧐🧐 did you know something abou them?
        yeah vision is important, before any mission…

        It’s touchy absolutely..😁😁
        kaha pe lagvana hain aapko angutha? humare paas hain hi nai ku6 jo thumb jesa dikhe..🙈🤣🤣🤣

        That’s really really good news..🤩🤩
        Look how much I am happy even though that’s not pertaining to me..😁😁😁
        Good days are on your ways Akshita….😁😁😁
        Don’t forget to enjoy it..🤗🤗
        Arre aapne bol diya bahot hain wo hi…🙂🙂😊

        Liked by 1 person

      16. Yeasss..never 😂😂😂😂
        All thanks to you 😌😅

        Emojis khadoos bhi hote hain, hamein aaj pata chala😂😂😂, Dekho toh kitna cute h🤢🤢, ye kaise khadoos lag skta h aapko😐
        Aree aree, zroor karenge, sb reveal karenge, bss aap fursat aane dein😂😂😂😂😂🤭, tb computer mahaday ko bhi khol lijiyega

        ( btw naubat toh aaegi bhyee😂😂, ab sirf paap dhone thodi na jaana hai vahan)
        Aww awww, pyaare Modi bhakt ( aree aree, toh koi burai thodi na hai usme😂😂😂)
        Exactly, we were the ones who chose, we cant blame anyone for the loss or success of it.

        Let’s hault that for sometime😂😂😂😂, ho skta h aapko aapke sawal ka jawab apne aap hi mil jaaye😂😂😂😂

        Ha ha ha ha, yes I can agree on that😂😂😂
        That is again something very true divyang, idk wtf has happened to the people, as you said its irritating to understand the minds of today lmao 🤪, no one wants a right direction, all are in a phase of competition, chahe kuch krte rho, shi hm hi hain, hmse aage koi nhi hona chhaiye
        Hahah, exactly divyang. Hahah, if I would have known them I would have definitely done something lol (in perosn)

        Awww…is that..seriously divynag????😂😂😂😂 soch lo dekho, nhi h aapke paas kuch thumb jesa..pkkaa naa

        Hahha, you seem more excited that me😌🤭🤭, anyways thanks for the wishes divyang. Good days are on your way too.
        Dont forget to enjoy them too.🤭🤭

        Have a lovely day ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      17. Then that’s definitely shocked one…🥴🤣🤣
        But jo bhi banda sahi hain..😁😁

        Ohho ho, chalo pata chala to sahi aapko, der hi sahi…🤣🤣
        Kya cute hain, hulk ki sasti copy dikh raha hain, green green-chada hua muh!!🤣🤣
        Khadoos lag nai sakta, khadoos hi hain yeh vala emoji to..🥴🥴
        Tujhe kya cute dikh gya usme, mujhe bhi to bata…🧐🧐

        Arre ab to fursat hi fursat hain, aap ka intezaar rahega, ab to kab reveal kar rhe h vo..😅😅 ji vo to khula hua hi hain, btw 🙈😂

        (naubat hi aayegi na, dekhna nobita na aa jaye kahi..😜😜 ab kya pata log kya kya dhone jate honge vaha..🙈🙈😂😂)
        Haa ji, ekdum pyara Modi bhakt, 🤪🤪 (burai to nai hain but still..😅😅)
        Yeas absolutely, we are sole and whole responsible…

        Sometime?! well this is the best way to deny to give the answer, right?🙈😜😜
        well koi na dekhte hain kab milta hain answer..😅😅

        Generation-Z will definitely agree on this one, right?!😅😅
        Yes, dimaag me kya chalta rehta hain, no one will never know…😂😂
        Kab dimaag ka dahi ban jata hain pata hi nai chalta…🤣🤣
        They are like if we do something then let be thank us first, even though it’s for their beneficial..🤭🤭 Such a holy shit game playing by the kid of today…😂😂
        God save them…
        haha what you gonna do with them?😅😅

        Arre sachchi, sachchi, thumb vo hota kya hain, vo bataye pehle hume..🤣🤣🤣
        Arre, happy to itna hu na, I can’t explain…😁😁😁
        Arre enjoy to hum krenge hi na, subah hone vali ab to…😁😁
        To kab ja rhe ho?

        You too have a good day Akshita…❤

        Liked by 1 person

      18. Ji ji, vo toh hai hi sir😂😂

        You are veryyyyy baaaaddddd😭😭😭😭
        It is cuteee🥺🤢🤢😟

        Aree reeeee, bsss bsss🤭😌😌

        (Ye nobita ko to bhej hi dijiye ab janaab😦😦)
        Aww aww, aiseee bhakt jinhe Gina bhi na jaye, bhakton ki ginti mein😂😂😂

        Aree nhiiii, kahan denyyyyyyy, ab uske aage bhi padh lete gaur se kya likhe the hm😂😂( ab aap thehre itne ache se predict krne wale insaan😌)

        Hahahah, wel yeahhhhh 😂😂
        Hai naa, koi machine banaiye bhyeeee jisse km se km ye toh pata chale hamein😌
        Exactly divyang, this is such a crap and a trap lmao. Shit people create for themselves out of their shitty acts and actions.
        Ab samjhaya toh nhi jaa skte inhe, itni aasani se samjhne wale log nhi hain ye😂😂😂😂

        Aree bhyeee, itne bhole na banein aap ab😂😂
        Ho lo khush phir😏
        Badiya badiya bhyee😂😂😂
        Well I’m goin on 12th 😂🤠, baaki dekhte hain kya hota hai😂

        Have a lovely day divyang🥰


  9. Rejections were nearly an everyday reality when applying for jobs! It does suck when you get many rejections but it is part and parcel of life, and there is always something better in store when you get rejected. Thats what i tell myself. Thank you for sharing.

    Feel free to read some of my blogs 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeass, so truly said niraj.
      I’m so glad you always remained the positive aspect of this, sending all courage your way.

      Keep going and growing. 💜
      And, you have a lovely blog too, I followed that, keep writing and happy blogging 🥰


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