Thick thighs?
Tan lines?
Bald head?
Ugly enough to say a hiee..!?
Chubby face?
Your crooked tooth?
Your messed up hair?
Haa, too lean enough?
And, yes, the cellulite…!!
And, even the so called..’attention..!’⚠️
Is that what we are living for..??
Naah, we are so much more than that, and when I say that, believe me, you really are..!
If you actually want to fly, you have to give up everything that weighs you down..!

I know you are always fighting, with one thing or the other. And I really want you to know that not only are you in this alone. We are all together, all these breakdowns are just your preparations for the breakthroughs. Everything you want, desire or yearn for, is decided right at this very moment. You dont have to feel sad for your weaknesses or bad days or even rejections( be it by a perosn or a company or a university or maybe anything out there), these all are there only to make you more strong, to strengthen you. It’s just a phase which too shall pass, and believe me you are. YOU ARE BEING SHOWN YOUR POWER.See that with all might you can.

So, even though you doubt yourself, toil sometimes, or even crave to end your lives there and then; but, remember, never give up on yourself today. Instead, call off all the weaknesses and hurdles once again to a big hault.
After all, we have a life..right? We have people who wait for our hellos and some moments to talk to. Life will happen, bad days will also come amidst the good ones, people will try and bring you down, you will cry, you will throw yourselves in the towel, but you are closer than you think you are. Remember, you are so much more than the winds that threaten to shake you, to rile you up and ultimately cause you to collapse. You are so much more than those mirrors you see everyday in the morning. You are bigger.

For all those who are struggling today, for all those who are healing through a breakup, for those who struggle with darkened thoughts and wierd dreams, for those thinking of dropping out of schools(cause I know high schools sucks..! Though worth experiencing also), for those hesitating to propose the ones they love (because of their personalities), for those still waiting for a day the world will accept them the way they are, for those lying hopelessly without any clues, for those searching someone amidst the chaos, someone they call ‘mine’, for those who are fed up being fed up, for those searching for answers in this so called thing, life..! This is to remind you all. A few breakdowns or your imperfections will not stop you from rising yet again, because you have what it takes to get through this moment, this day, this week, this year and this life. You might feel tired, you might have to rest, you might feel like never going infront of the mirror again, you might feel the world is shattering around you and a billion voices banging your head..! And, that is okay, that is so okay. But never forget, you are capable of healing. Rise, dear one. Rise above the clouds, rise until you feel at ease with you. Shine in who you are and don’t doubt there is a great plan beyond all of your struggles. Because, even with some breakdowns, nothing,and I mean nothing, can stop your breakthrough.

It will take time for sure. Removing that pain, anxiety and setbacks beneath your skin, takes time. Filling your jar with happy memories and successes takes time. Years of trauma cannot be healed in a single day or a week or a few months.
Most importantly,
You need to forgive yourself
If you havent already.
And the next time you look into those mirrors, dont let that ever decide what you are and what you can be. Because, you are so much more than what you actually see with those naked eyes. 🤍


Published by akshita bansal

doing a thing of what I want🌸🌸

167 thoughts on “ITS TIME TO CALL OFF.

  1. Wow! I regularly search and read similar stuff written by some unsung writers, beautiful souls who, in a way, bestowing a part of their beauty to this world. We owe our thankful gratitude to each of you. Thank you so much for writing.

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    1. This is such a great honour to me. I’m so glad to hear these words coming from you mam. They really mean a lot to me, and I truly appreciate them a lot🥰
      Your kind words made my day.
      I’ll be happy if these words could bring even a slight change in any one person’s life. I’m so obliged to see you connected with them.

      It really means a lot to me mam. Thank you so much for this😊💝
      Also, stay safe and sound.💐


  2. Wow, this was powerful to read. I’m currently going through a mental breakdown and this ignited a little fire in me to keep going, and reminded me that better days do come xx

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    1. Sending all strength your way dear one, you are a strong soul, and you’ll definitely overcome all that you are going thorugh.
      Remember, we can always get out of a mental breakdown. Just be strong and have faith in you. You can do miracles.💖
      I’m so glad this could ignite some fire within you, hope you heal through this soon, courageous soul.😊
      Better days are always ahead of us, and remember these days are also a part of our lives. We have to deal the good and bad, both..!🙂 That is the beauty if courageous.
      And so you are.

      I hope you come out of this as soon as possible, remember the cheery life is waiting for you out there..! Telling you dont be scared of problems or anything, just live..!!!!😊💝



      1. Aww you are such a sweet soul. As I said, you are strong, so strong..!🥰
        Keep going, growing and glowing 💝
        Wishing all luck your way.
        And always remember, you can always share..!🤗🤗

        Hoping you to see you cherry and lively once again.
        Take care❤


    1. I’m so glad to hear that blanca🤗🤗
      You are doing great, and keep up the path.
      You are such a strong one.

      Sending all strength your way🤗🤗💞
      Have a great weekend too❤


    1. I’m so glad to know that. Thank you so much Sarah for these kind words 🥰

      Yeass, see the irony..! Why do we even forget we are all we need, and we have all the magics needed to conquer anything in the world, just because of many others? We should know we are our priority and we should love this priority more than anything else.😁🙌🏻

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  3. Hey! Dr. I hope you’re doing good, as usual this is again an eye opener and inspiring write up. I guess we all living with few insecurities in life and as most of the time human nature tends to just sigh on negative aspects only, we waste our time in cursing those insecurities instead of looking on positives that we avoid in course of life.
    I read somewhere if we could not change our negatives we should work & boost on our positives that will automatically shed the negatives or insecurities of life and I guess it could heal the things to some extent and bring positive energy to life.
    Have a great weekend ahead to you with lots of positivity!!😄🙌💐
    Keep writing📝✌

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    1. Yes I’m good prashant, hoping the same for you too..!😁
      Yeass that’s so very right prashant..! People are doing this only these days, just looking upon their negative aspects and sitting depressed..! I mean wtf..! What has happend to all out there?? Why cant we all just accept us the way we are and try to work on us for wht we think needs to be improved..!
      This generation is so fucked up, and so much involved with what others say or how others look at them( which believe me hardly matters, maybe not at all)

      Thank you so much for your inspiring words here prashant. Meenas aa lot.
      Stay positive and spread positivity..!😁💕
      Sending all strength your way.

      Stay safe and sound, and yes, enjoy the weekend..!😁


      1. Welcome Dr. & it is always great to read amazing inspirational words coming from your end.📝👏👏
        Wish you a great weekend ahead too!🤗💐(though I feel you are working on weekends😋)

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  4. I decided to continue my education due to unemployment. and I got the master’s degree I wanted so much. But I can’t start because I don’t have enough money. My lover could not support it either. So what is it? I must try to find a job! Maybe it’s time to make money, huh?
    You gave me light! 😉

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Well then kudos to you for getting the masters degree which you desired for first..!😁
      Well I can understand that..! You can have a loan to start one too..rightt?
      Well if you really feel like trying a job, then go ahead..!🙂 No one can stop you, just keep the faith and confidence in you intact. You are capable of doing anything, after all we all are miracles in ourself. Start today itself, see for options, for the one who tries never get deprived of one..!🥰

      I’m glad this piece could guide you towards light.
      Wishing you all the good luck with your job. You’ll surely be able to make upto that.
      Keep going and growing and yes, glowing💖

      Take care 💝

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      1. Unfortunately the date has passed. I’ll try again in the next semester. When I read the content, I wanted to share it. And write it sounds good!
        Let’s look at the games ahead. 😉

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Dont worry, all luck to you next Time..!😁🤜🤛
        After all, everything happens for a reason 🥂

        Hoping for the best..!🙌🏻
        Good luck to you and your goals.
        Take care and have a happy and safe weekend ❤


  5. Too encouraging words Akshita… 😁😁
    The each n every line I passed through, feel like you read me!!

    Especially when you said, ” breakdowns are just your preparations for the breakthroughs” I mean seriously, you pick up the right nerve of person..
    Even when person falls, it taught them something, either we gonna live or gonna die!!

    Called off the idea to give up on situation,
    Called off the idea to never try again
    Called off the idea to think what other may gonna think about you
    Called off all the vibes which push you to the dark!

    Great one, much needed this time!!😁😁

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Hahah, maybe I did then..!😅🤭🤭

      Thank you so much divyang for appreciating this piece. Means a lot.😁
      Well yeass, falling one time or maybe a billion times, teaches us to get up and start again for another fall or maybe a new success; or it teches us to give up. Choice is ours..! And I guess no one will regret with the first one ever.🙌🏻

      Very well divyang..!!😁🙌🏻 I feel so at ease hearing these lines from you. Definitely the need of the hour. Cheers to calling off all that weighs you down..!🥂 keep going.

      No one can dim the light you have except you.
      Keep going. Keep shining.

      Take care 💕

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      1. Yes, you did..😁😁

        Absolutely Akshita, falling is good rather than to lost in own delusion…
        Starting is always good but we people start giving up on that soon, still finding out the thought behind it, if one want to leave then why they start earlier?

        Choice is ours, call is ours and selection is also ours,
        the only thing which is not in our hand is the result, which itself makes us stabilize in the race…😅😅

        yes, these all are our own calls, when to wake up and when to give up.😁😁
        we only down, if we start believing in that shit, right?

        Very true, it’s only you who can stop you from to do,🙂🙂
        Your heartily welcome Akshita, 😊😊

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      2. Exactly, falling and rising on and on. After all, this is life..right?? We can see the examples of so many successful people put there who failed a billion times, but we dont the failures behind any..right? We are most aware of their one success, one big success that happened.

        Yes, you are right. People do give up. We all start doing something, but in the middle of this path, we tend to forget why we actually started. We have to remember ourselves why we really started. Any path to go on, we should have our minds clear, no matter how many hurdles come my way, I’ll be there firm.😁👊

        Exactly, and if we continuously keep worrying about the result, we can’t enjoy the journey..right?? Journey of ups and downs, journey of failures and setbacks..!

        Exactly. And remember it’s never late to wake up and rise all over again from the very beginning. 😊

        We are our own saviours and demons..! Choose the wise.
        Have an occupied day divyang 😁💐

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yes, without falling one couldn’t learn to try to get up, absolutely this is life…😁😁
        Yes, Abraham Lincoln is the best example I guess, the failure and struggle he faced, damn, people of today will need so many birth to have this type of guts, right??😅

        We blindfold to the success of people but we never became curious to know the story of them, from which they gone through, rather we need all what they achieved, the overnight success is possible, but that night is like hell, not the work of simple man I guess!!😅😅

        I too give up but you know some reasons are bigger than the life, so better to live the idea rather than to leave the life, what u say??😅😅 We started by so much curiosity but as soon as we reached middle, it shook us by its barriers, right??
        Yes, I guess you’ll he firm/stable there…😁😁

        Result always hurts us whether it’s good or bad, 😂😂😂 Journey is good destination is good we only people aren’t good…😅😅😂
        Yes it’s better to be late instead of to never…😁😁

        You too have an occupied day Akshita…😁😁

        Liked by 1 person

      4. it is..!😁
        Ikr, he is such a great example..!🙌🏻 And, not all can survive this struggle, you’re right, people these days really need everything soon feeded. They’ve given up on the idea of struggling.

        Exactly..! And people really don’t care. Only the end result matters here. Billions of efforts are just not worth it to them, which are everything to the one who has actually achieved.

        Yeass, exactly. It is always better to live rather than giving up on this very idea of it.
        Yeass..! And before starting, we should always remember, they will come, no matter what happens. They are a part of this journey too..!:)
        Even you divyang..! You’ll too be firm and stable, as always..!😁🙌🏻

        Exactly, it does. Hahaha, caught the nerve here.😂🙌🏻
        Always better.

        Great day divyang 💖

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Yeah, I always look after him when I am stuck in between somewhere, He was the real… 🙌🙌 but again politician background sucks!! 😪😂 Follow him but not his way, I say, what you say??😅😅
        Giving up never be the solution in any ways!!!
        If you left something because you are suffering somewhere then definitely you gonna suffer somewhere else too!!

        People only care, what others are interested into, just follow them instead of make their own choices, right???😅 Billions of efforts looks like effortless, once they consider other’s path over their own one…

        To be live with to believe, only few can follow it firmly!! 😅😅
        We scarce in midway or we lost in midway that energy I guess, which we have in beginning!!
        Journey, you have to be part of it, if you want to reach to destination!! 😅😅
        Are sure Akshitaji, Aap ka hukum sir aankho par!!🙌🙌😁😁

        You too Akshita!!😁😁

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Yeah..he definitely was..😁🙌🏻
        Yeasss, rightly said, his path should be followed, not the BACKGROUND..! After all, be whatever, he knew how to fight and never let the idea of giving up overcome him.
        Exactly, giving up just because you are suffering is totally pointless. If you are suffering here, you’ll definitely at some other point of time, because you never cared to look for the reason behind that suffering, you were more into let’s leave it and run away from this..!🙌🏻

        Exactly, see there are so many examples for this, and the very imp thing, indian population is such a crap, so moved by emotions, that they tend to believe anything and everything coming their way. You might have heard about the great coaching institutions out there, Allen, Resonace and so many more. Fucking bullshit..! Parents are only sending their children there just because mere friend ka beta/beti ne bhi vahin se padhai ki h, and see them they are doctors/engineers. I mean, does that even make any sense??? Khud bhi to dekho is your child really into going there? And self study..what about that? I swear divyang, these institutions are just fucking bug fat buildings meant to create pressures and stress over the most capable ones who then start questioning their worth???!!!!!! Lame.

        Exactly, not everyone’s cup of tea.
        Yes, obviously, we have to live up on the path with the very same energy, with which we had actually started. But again, not everyone’s cup of tea.🤪
        Exactly, well said one 😁🙌🏻

        Happy Thursday. 😁

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      7. Abraham Lincoln, Warren Buffet and Elon Musk, I always look after these genius, they are master in their respective field!!😁😁🙌🙌
        Yuup follow his path, not him!! Yes he know it, and know it for sure that the path he had choose will definitely called lots of sacrifice, so does he!!😅😅

        Truly define that term, Akshita!! If one can’t deep down asked the question to himself where he/she went wrong, they will always find running away from it is the best option, right??😅😅
        Self audit is mandatory now a days, to know what suits you and how you shaped yourself in different different conditions!!😁😁😁

        Examples are always there but we aren’t may be!!😅😅 Population ki to kya hi baat kare?! In population Some of us still believe in Quantity over quality, right? We lose there I guess!! As we are mixtures of emotions one can easily control the mind of one and play with them!!😂😂😂
        Allen, Resonance, my Sunday’s article was based on the same topic, Quality things never gets advertisements/publicity, ye log bade bade poster lagvate rehte h, newspaper to mano inki private property hi h,😂😂😂
        Aur humne to kbhi koi classes ki sidiya hi nahi chadhi, to hum kya chutye?! 😂😂 sorry for that, just bhavnao me beh gye the thoda, par ye sab dekhte h to gussa aata h bhot but kiya bhai kya ja sakta h?!😂😂 😂

        Tea kya paani bhi nai h!!😂😂😂 don’t know kya ho jata h sabko, haarne ka darr ya jitne ki khushi?! 😂😂
        Haha thanks much…🙌😁

        Happy Friday. 😁

        Liked by 1 person

      8. Exactly. They are.🧡
        Yeass, we just need to have an inspiration from their works, that inspiration is not only for the path they chose, it can be for anything, anything we believe and wish to do😁

        Exactly. And this, knowing this at exactly at the point where we went wrong, this self recognition, is so much imp for our own very future selves. Otherwise, yes, we will never end up living upto that, coz we never figured out where were we actually wrong..!!!!
        Exactly, this self audit, or we can say, this self analysis is so much needed. Then there are people appointing councillors, psychiatrists to make them know this. ( leaving the medical conditions aside)

        Exactly, very true divyang. This is actually wht is happening these days and idk from how much long. People here always prefer quantity over quality. Here, the good is not cherished, and the already popular one, becomes more and more, no matter how much broken content or management he/she/it has.
        Yes, this game of manipulation, this is wht is being used by so many out there, just to gain the peoples interest, and bullshit, indians are literally over emotional idiots.
        Hell yeahhhh. I’ll wait for that article. I am like so much filled with so much inside me, and I literally wanna screaw them just because they screwed lives of many brilliant minds out there. Just tell me one thing, if they actually want their students to achieve something, wht is the need to even advertise that??? See who comes, provide quality work, but wht they focus on is quantity damn. Filling and filling, big fat batches of any course, hardly paying attention to even one. Haah, I can write one big fat article on this..!😪 this so called educational system is so much fucked up too man. And yes, this is what the newspaper articles and ads are actually filled off. And if you might have heard about kota, the so called educational city..lmao, if you anytime visit that , you gonna see the whole city is so much flooded with the posters, big fat posters, Allen resonance and bla bla so many more..crap..!
        No that’s okay divyang, scch mein this thought rages me with anger too. I mean wtf, aisa lagta h koi dhandhaaa kr rhe hain, padhaana gaya bhaad mein🙄😐😐

        Cant say on that😂😂, sailing on the same boat. But, I’m trying a lot to overcome this 😂😂

        Happy Saturday 😁

        Liked by 1 person

      9. Yes, totally agreeing with you here…🙃🙃
        Look path is always not same for all, nor the situation!
        One can take high notes from them, in whatever form it may be suitable for them, right?

        Again the right words heard by you,😊😊
        We looks for others when we are in need of something but often forget to look into our own self, as many of not knows how much they are capable of, the real is only you, better to know yourself first then to choose selective proforma from others and applied in respective life…
        Self audit is mandatory to know our self fully and truly, which is lack here
        we omit to called up our self when we need the most of it, right??😅😅
        In this time we all are in that situation where we all need counsellor/ the people who take care of our self on our behalf (you may find this sentence many blogs of mine😜)

        Quantity and quality both are good in contrasting consequences, I guess!!
        None of them are bad at all, but we people adopt that theory in wrong manner and false matter!!! One should have to focus on to quality first when talking about the people counting, to increase production by qualitative mean is always preferable over quantitative mean… Whatever you want to do, do it with whole heartedly efforts, you soon finds the better result of it…

        Yes, we are Emotional idiots which makes us human!! Game of manipulation, I never get that!!!🤭🙃🙃 gone bouncer always,

        There is one phrase works in our Industry, CA can’t publicize his works or if I say other way, we can’t advertise even, that what we are doing publicly, because good work don’t need publicity. Same happens to luxurious automobile industry and brands. They won’t advertise their products, some mad people enough to do that, that too free of cost, so as a costing student I blindly follow this idea, after all who won’t prefer cost saving method?! 😅😅
        But you are right some waste that bunch of shits behind advertise and publicize, because in end that burden will be also on that parent, who want to send their kid to so called Best Institutions, because pados wali aunty ka bachcha waha ja raha h, then why not mine, right??!!!😜😜🤭🤭

        Kota, bilkul lote jesa hain, big banners everywhere, Dhandha banake rkh diya hain sab ne!! kya bataye aapko!!🤪🤪 temple, coaching class are just enough if you want to famous soon, that too without any investment, (PK me Aamir khan ki theory, temple wali..😂😂)

        Yeah, we are on same boat, let’s see kaha tak jati hamari boat!!! 😅😅

        Liked by 1 person

      10. Exactly, this is wht we can always do. From anyone, anywhere, anytime.😁

        Rightly said divyang. This is what we are actually doing and dont even realise that thi already happened damn. We are the ones who dont recognise that ‘self worth’, and when someone else comes and shows us that, we feel bad, we feel destroyed. Self audit is very imp, unless how can we even know wht we really are or wht are we really into, we cant remain clueless like this, this realisation is so much needed.
        Exactly, again a big irony, we are asking someone to tell us our self worth?? See that??? We dont really know who we are and wht we are doing, that calls out for the only lack of self assessment. But here, this is a very a wide topic, I mean we have so many types of self assessment, and wht all can be and wht all cannot be, when to do that and how and bla bla bla..never ending one. But lately, morale is simple, we should know our worth, unless someone comes and destroys the little bit of us completely too. (Hahah, yes, I’ve read that many a times there😂😂, I was about to point that lately, but then it came out this way😂)

        Exactly divyang, that’s so well said. But do you think people even realise this? A big NO, they are just into making money, lots and lots of money, be any the source for that. They dont care ruining lives, young lives, and a lot more, this all is crap divyang, I feel so sad whenever I think about this. Neither did I realise all this in time, it was only when I got out of that atmosphere, and saw a different world, quite fresh and at peace, where people are so carefree, joyly living, study when they want to and what they want to, and cracking exams like hell, knowledge comes with the internet to gain that, with fun while learning, not by being under a constant pressure every second of the life. Boom, I’ll never prefer anyone to enter an educational institution like this..lmao

        Hahaha, yeasss, we exactly are, both, actually, sadly.😐 and yes, this game of manipulation 😂😂, lol that’s hard, smartest of all becomes a prey here, then who are we..right??😂

        Exactly, good work never requires advertisements. They are recognized, and that is actually the very beauty if it..right?😁
        Haah, right, and this is like a food chain, you know, never ending one??😂😂 it will continue, continue to prey on thousands, and replacing thousands too.🤮
        And yes, here the game of manipulation is very strong divyang 😂😂

        Exactly, isliye hamein ghinnn aati h ab toh kota ke naam se bhi😂😂 ( well that was quite a movie😂😁)

        Haha, haaan bhyeee, Dekho kitni door tk safar taye karegi ye😉😁


    1. Thank you so much, this means a lot to me.
      Your words are so much appreciated with gratitude. 🥰

      I’m glad to hear you cheering to every word out there. Keep going and growing and remain inspired❤

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Great post akshitha.👏👏

    You certainly have rejuvenated some of my adrenaline rushes…🏇🏇

    Your call “To look down on breakdowns as breakthroughs” is awesome.👌👌

    We must focus on our strengths…🙏🙏

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much, I really admire your words a lot.

      Hahah, well then that’s so good. Let that fill you with all the positive vibes.

      Yes indeed. Focus on the strengths and keep going and growing.
      Sending all courage your way.

      Take care😁

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Such an incredible piece Akshita. The more I read your work, the more empowered I feel. That’s the takeaway from all your posts and you are doing such an amazing job in relaying the message of hope to your readers. Keep up the great work!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you so much. Your comment means a lot to me, im so glad you liked my work. I really appreciate your words with gratitude.

      I am so amazed to hear that this piece helps people, Hope this helps you too in some way or the other.
      Stay strong and determined towards you and have a happy and safe day ahead.🥰❤

      Liked by 2 people

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