Dont keep seeking VALIDATION for your own feelings just because they refuse to believe in them. You know what you feel, you know what you face everyday, the storm inside your feelings, it doesn’t mean they dont exist or they dont matter.
Remember this..!



Mirror mirror
on the wall,
i’ll always get up
after I fall,
whether I run, walk or
have to crawl,
i’ll set my goals
and achieve them all.

No matter
how much pain comes my way
i’ll turn them all
into power and never fall.
i’m not here
to explain or to complain,
I do things my way
and, that is how I sway.

People say
I need a hero
to defend me
so, I thought of
becoming one
to defend me.
And now that,
i’ve gained this superpower
of overcoming everything
that was meant to destroy me,
i know, i had changed,
for the good,
for me.

I still remember the day,
my coach said me,
you run like a small girl
and, I said ,
if he ran a little faster
he could too.
And another day,
i dont know why
i set limits because of my fears,
until I realised
life is limitless
the moment I become fearless.

Mirror mirror
on the wall,
I’ll always get up
after I fall,
and, whether I run, walk or
have to Crawl,
i’ll set my goals
and achieve them all.


Dear job applicant,

We regret to inform you that we have selected another candidate with more experience.

Thank you for taking hours to personalize your resume and cover letter, filling out our long online form, and prep for 4 interviews over about a 6 weeks.

Due to our outdated hiring process, we are unable to pick up your phone or send you any sort of real feedback to actually help you in your job search.



….to those of you getting rejection after rejection email, you are being redirected towards something better. This is never an end, but actually the beginning of something very new, something which can actually feed you better, something you’ll find much sensible to you and your future ahead.
So remember,
Maybe that was actually…
Never a loss, always a lesson.

credits: Shanee moret.., this has captured the feeling so well.

Many of us keep taking it as a loss, as if their life ends here. A bunch of rejected emails become the cause of their rejection to do anything in life. I know this is hard and actually very much when you are not expecting, as when we are actually expecting, our expectations do increase a lot, we start expecting much more than ever it could ever be💁‍♀️..come on..whenever something strikes your mind.. do ask that even needed?

And if …
Even the slightest of the deep cores of your heart ever whisper a ‘no’…then it’s time to stop being stupid about all those rejections…when you have a lot more to go through, maybe a lot good.
Maybe it was not meant to be..why to worry about a goddamn rejection? was just a rejection…!

You are in whole a “magic”.Have you ever thought what could have been a ‘success’ without failing a hell dozen times. The only thing which we should always remember is that rejections, failures, and setbacks are all a part of life. No opportunity’s end means a “NO” to living life.

Never a loss, always a great lesson which each closing door gives us. Start accepting things the way they are, I’m sure they gonna treat you right, and nothings gonna be wrong.

Have hope.



Dont be too hard on yourself when you are feeling irritable. Experiencing a bad day can make you feel like the world is collapsing around you.

Last night, I came home and went straight to bed because I’ve exhausted all my energy fighting around a bad day.

I noticed that this idea, that we have to somehow , will always be this strong and forever resilient , person can be the very thing that makes us feel alone.

Just wanted to say that its right to be not all cheery about life 100% of the time because, that is not always optimal. So, have a bad day if you need it, it can be better tomorrow. It will be…



Dear mankind,
I have a question for you
how can you be so nice
at pretending
to be nice.

Are you of the same tribe?
I guess, a big yes,
as all of us have mastered
the arts of pretending.

The art of pretending,
to be so full of colours
when your insides
are rotten as hell?
How do you wear
that mask of innocence
with pride ,
because underneath
i’ve seen
you’ve sold all your respect?

And, will you stop telling people
you are okay
when you are not,
as I’ve seen you drowning deep down
while carrying a big smile
on your face?

Just tell me,
I’m way eager to know that,
how do you play this game of
self pretence
where everyone just fails to see
the bruises you have on your skin
and, who you actually are
beneath your skin.
Because, I have known
your soul,
i have been there in your shoes,
and all I’ve ever felt
is deception and falsity..!
From, not only the world,
but from you as well.

Dear mankind,
so now that you’ve known
can you answer me
the secret behind
this art of pretence..!


Read me
the way
you read peotry,

when your hands move slowly
on the pages
like , Beethoven making love
to his keys.

Hold me,
the way
used to hold his brush
and made love
to his canvas sheets.

Fight for me,
the way abner
fought for the rights
and brought light to the lives of many.

Need me,
the way
you crave for food at times.

Look into my eyes,
the way
harry and markle looked into each other’s.

Talk to me the way Shakespeare
talked to his words,
all those muses, metaphors and similes.

And, love me,
the way
Graham made love to the floor,
to the rhythm
of the world.

Read me
the way
you read poetry.


Dear wounds,

do you heal overnight?

Dear habits,

do you change in a single day?

I have this question,

And, I dont know why,

but, I question this frequently

Dear, whoever is reading this,

do you have an answer?

How, tipping-topping ,

life goes by

and the next moment we see

we are standing there

from kindergartens to primary to high schools

to the very walks of college

and, finally to our dream jobs;

carrying so much pain and efforts

all through this.

But, trust me ,

if you’ll try,

everything will be okay..!

Pain comes, may stay,

may break you or shake you ;

but, it’s you and only you

who can decide

when to let it consume you,

and, when to walk away..!

So, give yourself

some time, to heal

sometime to know,

who you are and

what you are worthy of.

As, you should know, that,

you have to heal.



Stories behind successes we rarely know. I know this maybe just another success story to you, and you all might have seen a billion ones on your live, but believe me some stories are worth having a watch.

So, the next time you blame your conditions or your fate or any other person for what you are today and what all conditions you are in today, just think before blaming others.

I dont know why it’s so easy to blame others for our failures, for all the setbacks we face time to time; until we realise it is really us who are the reason for our very own failures.

No success comes before you fail a hundred, or maybe a million times.

All that is required is having faith , patience and a little bit of ‘TRUST’ in yourself.

After all this is life, it will give you a hundred reasons to break, but it is you who has to decide whether to let it break you or mend you.


Whether you succeed or not,


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