yes she,

Wild like the winds
unsteady like the waves.
She is fearless.

She knows,
where to bloom
how to bloom again.

You may call her selfish
but, yes ,
she cares less about
what you want, and,
more about,
what she wants.

Flowing like the water
and drowning everything that comes her way,
she knows to make the way
all lone and gallant.

She ,
yes she
She is fearless.

She’s busy chasing her dreams,
like the way
you are busy chasing people

She’s busy struggling her biggest battles,
and all those silent wars
running deep within
her chests.

She’s busy finding courage,
to walk away
from everything
that affects her mental health.

She’s busy loving herself,
which she always should have done
from the very beginning.

She’s busy letting go off people,
who have hurt her.

She’s busy not trying to repaint those shitty people,
when they show their true colours.

She’s busy not repeating,
Every mistake she ever made.

yes she,


So, the next time someone comes and goes unknowingly, do remember, not everyone comes in your life to actually stay. Some just visit it as we visit a particular shops for some months or maybe years, and then one day, when we get bored of that very shop, we stop going there and choose another instead. So, stop thinking about this or wondering where you went were never wrong, life is so much more of it.

Keep going 💙


Dear moments,

it hurts to think of

what’s gone,

it hurts to think of

that it won’t

happen again,

even if it was

a few moments

of joy or love,

even if it was

a few seconds

of escape.

It’s sad to think that

it wont happen again.

Dear moments,

why do you come and go

and never come again?

Am I the reason

or the person I had a moment with

or is it time?

I need an answer,

but, sadly,

the answer remains



Its sad to think that

this moment

I’m talking to you

will also never come again.


Choose to be happy,

choose to feel great,

choose not to let things not make you irate.

I know that

some people

are not feeling great.

And I know that, some people,

just know how to hate.

And I wish that,

all people could be

healthy and strong,

and I wish that

all people would just get along.

If, wands could be waved,

and the world would be cured,

I’d wave that big wand,

you can be assured.

But I’ll do what I can,

everyday i am here


try to remember , ‘ the good’,

year after year.

And I choose

to be happy;

And I choose

to feel great;

and I choose to

not let things

make me irate.


Look at me,

counting days,

decorating my palms

with the letters of your name,

hoping that,


you will search yourself

in between them.

Praying that,


you’ll build a home in me

the way I did. (IN YOU)

Look at me,

finding a forever with you,

a forever of

being together the rest of the life,

a forever of

sharing every good and bad with you,

a forever of never giving up

on each other,

a forver which will really exist

forever. (IN YOU)


I love,

the way you get cold

when its 71 degrees out.

I love,

when it take you

an hour and a half

to order a sandwich.

I love,

the way you get a little crinkle

above your nose

when you’re looking at me

like I’m nuts🙄.

I love,

when after spending a day with you

I can still smell your perfume,

on my clothes.

And I love,

that you are

the last person I want to talk to

before I go to sleep,

at night.

And, it is not because,

I’m lonely,

or it’s new years eve.

I came here tonight because,

when you realize

you want to spend your rest of the life with somebody,

you want that life to start

as soon as possible.

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