Thick thighs?Tan lines?Bald head?Ugly enough to say a hiee..!?Chubby face?Your crooked tooth?Your messed up hair?Haa, too lean enough?And, yes, the cellulite…!!And, even the so called..’attention..!’⚠️Is that what we are living for..??Naah, we are so much more than that, and when I say that, believe me, you really are..!If you actually want to fly, you haveContinue reading “ITS TIME TO CALL OFF.”


Look into those eyes,shining and glittering eyes.” Momma, how do I look?How does this black dress looks on me?”An enchanting, soft voice came,“Lovely, my dear. You look absolutely stunning.”(Sighing to the same answer the 100th time)” so, can we go out today,look the sun is so beautiful “” no dear, maybe someday..!!”(Sighing to the sameContinue reading “AN ANGEL IN PARADISE”


( SENDER…UNKNOWN) Dear doctor,amidst this rampant virusi hope you are doing good..!I know, how at times,would have been difficult for you,but trust me, you are a saviourand god will save you too. I’m handing you this mail,please dont leave it,on your workplace for longas I dont knowhow much I’m staying long.Seeing it turn to dust,willContinue reading “A MAIL…..”

C H O O S E Y O U R S E L F.

There will be days when you would feel like escaping from everything around you, you would wish to run away from everything that affects your mental health. You might even ignore phone calls or text messages just because you dont feel like talking, maybe, you’ll prefer your own company over someone else’s. People will callContinue reading “C H O O S E Y O U R S E L F.”


Would you listen towhat I have to say,when I havenothing to say?Would you ever careto see my eyes, full of,the broken dreamsof you and me?Would you ever careto look into my eyesthe way you did the first time, ever? If I decorate my skinwith words and metaphors,and not some seductive attire;and my mouthwith Elizabeth’s loveContinue reading “WOULD YOU LISTEN TO WHAT I HAVE TO SAY?”


Sitting in the back porch,with my grandma,she, oiling my long curlsme, gaping at the sky;i asked her,grandma, does this sky has any end?Is it limitless?Or nameless? Chuckling aboutin her croaky voice,she whisperedmy dear girl,never look upon anything in your lifeas if, it has limitations.Yes, these blues you seeare beyond limits,and so are you toomeasureless andContinue reading “LIMITLESS IS THE SKY.”


Just when I thought,i had lost all my hopein anything to copeyou stepped into my life,like a fresh new wine.Cheering toa new start, a new beginninglike the starting of a new inning. The day, yes that day,you set your dark cocoa hueson my blue onesand courteously smiledand uttered “YOU’RE PERFECT”with that little crinkleon your forehead,Me,Continue reading “ANYTHING TO BE YOUR EVERYTHING.”


Last nighti had a dream,a dreamquite unusual to saya dream,kooky enoughto give me a sleep twitch.God,I still remember that dream,where I was caged,a bird cagedby her demons .Like I was trapped. Everything was pitch black,leaving me to discoverdozens of fallen Angelsfollowing my back.Me, running and runningmaybe, escaping from my demonsas ifsomeone was giving me theContinue reading “TRAPPED.”

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