An Elysian,she was,calling, to drown in her loveand play with her sanity. Covered in the scent of bulgarihypnotising with her body.Solitary on a winter evening,with coffee and booksbeing the only companions,staring at the skyshe was there,still thinking of you. A home, far from home,where the warmth of lovewas enoughto keep you comfy.She was everything,everything beautifulyouContinue reading “ELYSIAN.”


Dear mankind,I have a question for youhow can you be so niceat pretendingto be nice. Are you of the same tribe?Humankind?I guess, a big yes,as all of us have masteredthe arts of pretending. The art of pretending,to be so full of colourswhen your insidesare rotten as hell?How do you wearthat mask of innocencewith pride ,becauseContinue reading “THE ART OF PRETENDING.”

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